Thursday, June 20, 2013


What an incredible month! So much to do. So many lists. But lots of fun. The gardens are looking great if you ignore a few little weeds. I just finished painting and staining my latest project ~ a brand new gate for the yard. Wonderfully crafted by my love. The windows and all the blinds have been washed. And I have returned to purging my attic. Feels great! 

But just so you don't think it is all work and no play, I have fit in many many moments of writing, reading and catching the latest movies. I will switch gears with the coming week and start planning for my annual trip to Oregon. I can't wait. There is a leather chair with my name on it and a view to die for on the edge of world. Start blending up the strawberry daiquiris!  Always, Kit

In the center circle will be stained glass to be added later.


E. Charlotte said...

Love the look of your blog! So cheery! I love this time of year too. So many fun things to do! :)

Pom Pom said...

I love all the fun stuff you are doing, Kit! Yay for Oregon!

Susan said...

Hi Kit....Nice to see your post.
The gate looks so nice! And all your garden with the pretty, colored chairs, etc.

Oh, your purging your attic makes me wish I would do the same. It desperately needs it.

Take care and have fun. Susan

Diane said...

Enjoy every minute. Diane

Liz D said...

You're amazing! So much enegry for a lady who had surgery not too long ago. Wonderful that you re feeling great. The garden is beautiful.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your posts are always so cheery, colorful, full of your love of life and family.

I'm glad you are doing so well after your surgery.

Love the gate.

Love and hugs to the both of you.


MandaBurms said...

Your garden gate is a darling - what a good man you have!
have a lovely summer break.
We are freezing down under here, but it is winter. I much prefer summer.

ENJOY the sun!!!
Love Leanne

The Boston Lady said...

I have tea kettle envy, not to mention garden gate jealousy! Love your creations and visions. I will look forward to your pictures from Oregon as that's a state I want to visit now that we are west coasters! Ann