Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Favorite Thing ~ Steampunk Train

Do you know what Steampunk is? It is a favorite art form for me. I remember the first time I heard of it, my oldest daughter was going to New Orleans for Halloween and her costume was going to be a "sort of Steampunk dancer". Say what??  It was beautiful, all purple and black (she used her old prom dress) and covered with all sorts of mechanical odds and ends. It was quite the unique and beautiful creation.

(My lovely daughter is the one all the way to the left)

And there started my love affair. We have several books on the subject and whenever I read a magazine or watch a show, I look for items that reflect this type of art.

 (Some lovely items found on the web)

 Recently on a new show on HGTV called Home Strange Home, we were enjoying this man's lovely home when what did we spy but a Steampunk Train or vehicle of some sort. We froze the screen and I remarked, "Oooo, I really like that!" Well, no sooner was it out of my mouth, but my hubby's brain started working and come Valentine's Day, all wrapped up in pretty red paper, was my very own rendition. Oh it is so lovely and made out of the coolest items. A vintage lite bulb, a whisk, parts to a lamp and a veterinarians syringe! Now how neat is that?! I know it is not everyone's cup of tea, but for me, it is the equal to a Ming Vase. :) Always, Kit

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Pom Pom said...

How thoughtful!
I have never heard of this! I like learning things from my blog friends!

Liz D said...

Oh I love steampunk! It creeps into some of my jewelry at times, but I can t get over your train. Your husband is so talented and it is very cool. Yes! Better than a fancy vase etc...


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your gift from your husband is so cool and so full of love.

Love and hugs to you both,

Diane said...

What cool art - what a cool guy!! Diane

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

It's great you have this interest with your daughter. I am now following your blog from MHC :-)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

So he made it himself? Just from seeing it on tv? Just to make you happy. Wow! That's true love!!!!! :) Have a great day. Tammy

Claudia said...

Now that is cool! How thoughtful of your dear husband! I am familiar with steampunk, but just barely. I do find it fascinating!

Thanks so much for joining in this week and it's nice to meet you!


Debra @ Homespun said...

I don't know about steampunk but a husband that PAYS ATTENTION, HEARD YOU and REMEMBERED? WOW! :) Seriously what a nice hubby you have and such a wonderful gift!

Haworth said...

Thank you so much for posting this, Kit. I'd never heard of Steampunk before but I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for things like this! Those examples you show are beautiful... they remind me a little of Edward Scissorhands, in a weird sort of way!