Friday, October 5, 2012

Things to do on a Fall day

I am enjoying a shortened work day and a Friday to boot! It is a lovely Fall day here in the mountains and I am full of glee. Sipping a hot coffee and about to start to decorate my front step for the holiday. We had our first truly hard freeze last night and the plants that I didn't bring in to over winter are now gone. It will be pot "chucking" today. I have an easy way to compost all the annuals that I potted up this summer. Since I only line the bottom with newspaper, all the pots are dumped in the area behind my raspberries and various other areas that can use some extra soil. The paper rots along with the plant and ta da, I am done. Easy peasy. Off I go, time is a wasting! :) Always, Kit

My heirloom geraniums ready for their Winter vacation.


FlowerLady said...

Your geraniums look pretty there in their winter abode.

Here you are having your first hard cold weather, and we're sweltering.
It is 88 right now but the real feel is 98. UGH!

Enjoy your fall weather. It sounds good to me.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

FlowerLady said...

I will try again to send a comment. :-)

Your geraniums look pretty there in there winter abode.

Here you are having cold weather and we are sweltering. It is 88 but the real feel temp is 98. UGH.

Have a great weekend.


Julie Marie@Idyllhours said...

Hi Kit... what a fun day you have planned!... it got awfully cold here last night too, but no frost yet... your geraniums look so pretty inside for the winter!... I would love to sip coffee with you and watch you decorate your porch for Autumn... (I would even help if you wanted me to!)... you always make everything so cute and fun!... we had our holiday "tradition" last night... watched "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" and sipped hot chocolate!...we will repeat that many times between now and Halloween!... can't wait to see your decorations, have a blissful Friday, and Autumn weekend!... xoxo Julie Marie PS I posted all my witches out, but Tessy tried to eat things... so, they had to be put away this year... so sad... but I am decorating up high now where she can't get to them... kids!...

Diane said...

Thanks for the hint. Have a wonderful weekend. Diane

Blondie's Journal said...

Happy Fall, Kit!


Lorrie Orr said...

Such a fall-ish post. Love it. We had a very light frost one day this week, but everything is still looking good out in the garden. Enjoy your weekend!

Linda Evans said...

how to you over winter your geraniums? They look beautiful!

Pom Pom said...

Hi Kit!
You sound happy and excited about fall! Me, too!
It actually snowed here this morning! Crazy, huh?

The Boston Lady said...


I'm catching the fever, especially since we have for the first time since moving turned off the AC and are enjoying some SoCal temps. Love your geraniums, will they last through your winter? Ann

Rebecca said...

It was downright COLD here last night but it's going to climb back up to decent temps later tomorrow. But...the rain is coming. I'm not complaining tho...we need it so much.

Gorgeous blooms Miss Kit!

Thank you for visiting me. I'm much better today. By this weekend I'll be ALMOST as good as new!

Love to you~


Zuzu said...

Oh, how I love your geraniums, Kit! They remind me of the ones my Great-Grandmother had on her service porch... LOVE!
Enjoy your day,

E. Charlotte said...

Glad you got all your plants taken care of! I'll miss those geraniums on the front step though! :)