Sunday, September 16, 2012

Loving my Weekend!

First off yesterday was the second Griz (home) Game of the season and it was wonderful! We won and the mood was high and everyone was having a lovely time in spite of the smoke. We are having what we call in Montana our 5th season. Fire season. It is nasty, but doable. It happens every Aug - Sept and some days it gets so dark my yard lights come on. Folks grumble and frown, but I figure, I have no right to be upset. The people on the fire lines are the ones who should be having a fit, not me. So I stay indoors and do my projects and look out my windows at my gardens. :) One good rain storm and it will be a memory.

Today, I am embracing my homey side and baking. Saw a wonderful recipe in my Susan Branch book, Autumn. Will pick a few of my Mac Apples and make an Apple Crisp for dinner. So easy and so homey. Just finished some chocolate chip cookies for the hubby and I think we will have baked pork chops too. Earlier while the hubby was in the hot tub, we had a visit from the Summer Kitties and had some fun playing in the cool early air. Best time to enjoy the gardens before the heat of the day. I am off to turn on a football game (don't you just love the sound of a football game on the TV?) and to finish up my house chores. I hope you all have the best Sunday and get to do some relaxing. :) Always, Kit


Susan said...

Hey Kit. Glad to see your post. The apple crisp AND the cookies look absolutely yummy. Lucky hubby!

I know you are enjoying your Sunday!


The Boston Lady said...

Sounds like a perfect day, Kit. Besides the smoke, but are right the people fighting the fires are the ones who really have the challenge. Although it must not be fun to have the smoke, smell and blocked sun. Like your positive attitude! Ann

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Kit! I agree, your delicious apple crisp and the cookies along with a football game are the perfect way to spend a Sunday!!

Pom Pom said...

Hi Kit!
Please pass the apple crisp!
It looks SO good!
How is school going? I bet the kids are loving their visits with you.
You're right about the sound of a football game. It makes me homesick!
It's always nice to visit you!

FlowerLady said...

Apple crisp sounds so 'fallish'. Makes me want to see what the veggie market has in the way of apples this week.

Sounds like you had nice plans for today.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Diane said...

Oh, yum! The cookies look delicious, that should make him happy. Glad to hear you're back into your football season and loving it. Enjoy the days. Diane

Zuzu said...

It sounds perfect, Kit. I'm almost done with my outdoor projects - cannot wait to get back to some baking. :)

Hilary Johnson said...

I grew up in Montana and am so glad I found your blog! Have joined it and looking forward to remaining homesick until the day I can return and stay for good!

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

I lived in Billings in the 70's and really enjoyed MT. It is a special in CO for 30 yr.

Am enjoying your blog. I found it through Pom Pom. Am your newest follower, so please come visit my blog soon.

Best, Nancy

Tammy said...

Whenever I hear a football game on tv I am taken back to Thanksgivings at my Mammaw's in Mississippi -- we would eat Thanksgiving lunch and then all the guys would watch football while the cousins would run around or go to the back bedroom and take a nap. My youngest keeps asking for chocolate chip cookies (as do his friends) but I keep forgetting to buy chocolate chips every time we go to the grocery store. Apple crisp is always a winner. You are so right about not grumbling over something you can't control. :) Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

Cherry Chick said...

Kit...Gheez! You're the house with all the good food. I love apple crisp AND Susan Branch's artwork. I hope this weekend is just as relaxing for you.