Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Kitties

It all began with a young man in a bathrobe standing in the middle of my yard looking up in my apple tree. Hubby couldn't figure out who he was and what he was doing. Until... the man grabbed at a little kitten that was climbing my tree and headed back across the street. And that is when we realized, we had new neighborhood kitties! Their names are Tango and Cash but I have to admit, I still call them by the names I gave them when I didn't know who they were. Bessie and Pumpkin. Bessie cause she looks like a cow with her markings, and Pumpkin because he is orange.

They seemed to love our yard and finally the poor man gave up and all Summer long we have had the most entertaining of visitors. Bessie hung out under my ladder the whole time I painted the new porch. Pumpkin seemed to love my bird baths and could be found hiding out under the Potentilla on the really hot days. Every morning I go out to rake and gather up my apples and I have an automatic smile when I hear a bell. Here they come! "Summer Kitties, had me a blast!" Always, Kit

PS: They are still our neighbors cats, we just get to play with them.


Diane said...

Beautiful kitties. So are they his or are they yours now? Diane

A.Satubuana said...

very nice article.. thank to share..

Junell said...

What great company, and so cute! :)

lizzy said...

Oh how fun! They re adorable.
We ve had a feral kitty family visit us all summer...they are all so pretty, and slowly have learned that we won t harm them. In fact we bring food! Too shy for pix tho, sigh.