Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Fievel Goes West Birthday!

My oldest daughter since birth has loved cartoons. Super Man, the Teenage Ninga Turtles, Kung Foo Panda and Fievel. No matter her age, she delights in animation. So for her 30th birthday, we did it up Western and we did it up Fievel! The whole idea came together when her sister wanted to arrange a stage coach ride for her down in Virginia City. From that jumping off point we ran with it. From bandanas in red filled with items from the movie, tumble weeds under the table (yes, actual tumble weeds my youngest found in the Bitterroot Valley...LOL) and all of us sporting hats and feathers. I got to play the Madame from the saloon, a notorious Miss Kitty. :)  And she loved it all! 

And on the day of the ride, Em told Jilly where to drive and off they went. Until they actually pulled up to the stage coach, Jilly had no idea what the plan was. It was arranged to be a private ride just the two of them, and at one point the driver put the horses into full gallop and the girls whooped it up big time. I hear tell Jilly had the biggest smile on her face. And when all was done and the fun was had, her sister handed her a package. Inside was a replica of a stage coach and horses I had found from Playmobile. It proudly sits in their living room, a reminder of a wonderful 30th birthday and a sister who had a plan to give her best friend the ride of her life!
 Always, Kit

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