Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Baskets!

When I ask my girls, "What present do you want for Easter?" I always get the same reply, no matter how old they are (26 and 29). Easter Baskets! Not money to party, or to pay a few bills or a new dress or camping gear. Just a basket full of fun trinkets and fun stuff (as they put it). My youngest says it is just like Christmas! Cracks me up. So throughout the year I collect "stuff". I don't know what I would do without Michaels Craft store. They have an aisle just brimming with items for only $1.00; from toys to stationary, home items and apparel. I happily fill my cart with the oddest assortment of items. Hit Target for specialty candies and I usually throw in a gift card or two so they can pick up some items that they really need....LOL Today I put the baskets together. I spread everything out (make sure I have the right basket - they use the same ones from childhood) and start the filling. It is fun and I get excited just imagining the oohs and ahhs, and the laughter that will come on Sunday. For a brief moment my two girls will be 3 and 6 again, and that will be my Easter present. Always, Kit


Julie Marie said...

Oh Kit, you make life so fun!... I love the dollar aisles at Michaels, they have the best stuff!... your little girls are adorable... I know they will be thrilled with their special baskets... Happy Easter to you all!... xoxo Julie Marie

oldgreymare said...

adorable :D


Diane said...

That sounds like such a wonderful and fun tradition. I know you all must treasure it. Diane

Pom Pom said...

How adorable! Those cute haircuts and pretty dresses make me smile!
What a fun mama you are, Kit!
Happy Easter week!

FlowerLady said...

How sweet is that! You have created loving, joyous moments for your daughters and your DH as well. Bless your heart. You are a wonderful mother and wife.

Have a wonderful Easter ~ FlowerLady

lizzy said...

Oh Kit That is so fun! For you too! My kids have outgrown Easter baskets, tho they still love Xmas stockings, but my own mom sent me an Easter basket box always ,no matter how Too Old I got, full of tiny joyful junk....
Instead, this year....golf, beach, BBQ! More July than Easter ut family fun, and that s what counts.



E. Charlotte said...

Oh you make me teary! :) I do love this holiday! It IS like Christmas! Ha ha! That picture is darling. We have always had such fun Easters. I like that we still keep our traditions year after year! Can't wait for Sunday!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Here's to little girls! Darling!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Susan said...

AWWWWW,Kit. You ARE going to have fun tomorrow and the girls will, too. They were darling children so I'll bet they are beautiful young women today! Have a blast.

My daughter (age 29) will get an Easter "basket" tomorrow, too, as did several other "kids" in my life.

Today I'm cooking and cleaning---such fun. ha haha But WORTH it. My son, sad to say, lives far away from us, and cannot join us. He calls though and I am happy he is with the love of his lifetime.

Love your Easter songs in the background. Adorable. HAPPY EASTER, Kit, and thanks for all the sweet visits and comments on my beloved blog. Susan