Saturday, March 24, 2012

34 years!

Thursday the 22nd of March, marked the 34th year of my marriage. When people find out it is an anniversary, they always ask how long. When they hear the amount of years, I always get, Wow! Or, You've got to be kidding? or my favorite, What were you a child bride?...LOL Yes, lots of years, and lots of great adventures. At dinner, that is what my hubby and I discussed. The fact that our marriage has been anything but dull. From the get-go; we traveled, explored all the towns we lived in, (hubby's career) did projects together, and just had fun! Far from home and family, we were each others best friend and we have remained so. If I have any sage advice to offer on this longevity, it is: do all you can for the other, stand by them, put them first and you will get it back two-fold. And most of all, have fun! Always, Kit


Julie Marie said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You two are just adorable and I think your advice is right on... I love the "have fun" part!... which I know you always do! xoxo Julie Marie

Cottage Tails said...

Congratulations! The best advise ever!
Love Leanne

FlowerLady said...

Belated Happy 34th Anniversary Kit and Hubby. Great advice to people just starting out.

I love the smiles on your faces then and now.

Love, hugs and best wishes,


The Boston Lady said...

Congratulations Kit on your 34th wedding anniversary with your husband. We will be 31 next week. Love the picture of the two of you. Ann

Pom Pom said...

Hi Kit!
What a cute picture! Happy anniversary!

Snap said...

Happy Anniversary! 34 years is a blink of the eye! :D :D

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I wish you many, many more happy years together!!!

We've been married 30 years and get the same reaction from people--We also had the same song you walked down the aisle to sung at our reception. We are the same 'vintage' aren't we? :-)

Junell said...

I'm glad you're as happy today as you were on your wedding day! Congratulations, and here's to many more happy years to you and your honey. :)

Diane said...

What a beautiful couple you are. I'm really so glad that you have had such a good marriage - that's so important! Again, Happy Anniversary and many more. Diane

Zuzu said...

Congratulations, Kit! You two look so happy in the photo!
Your advice is perfect. Hubby & I will be married 31 years this year. :)
Happy Anniversary & Happy Weekend!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Happy belated anniversary! Playlist doesn't work on this side of the world so I can't listen to your music. :/ I'm sure you had a fun celebration. Hope your weekend is great. Tammy

oldgreymare said...

Congratulations! I remember many weddings during that period that used that song and it is wonderful and just gave me chills...and a few misty moments..
My very best wishes and blessings to you both.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your wonderful Hubby. You have great advice. Love your blog.

Susan said...

Hi Kit...Congrats on your anniversary. We've got you beat since we've been married for 38 years! Can you believe it? (I can't. ha ha ha)

Your sage advice is good.

Thanks for your visit and comment to my blog. Susan

Jen Kershner said...

That is such great advice. Looking at the picture it appears you have been having fun together from the first moment! Happy (belated) anniversary to you both.

Rustique Gal said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your best friend! What a great photo. I envy your lovely life!