Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

What a great holiday! I love the excitement of it. The surprise, the wondering. Just like when we were kids and we couldn't wait to see who put a Valentine in our decorated box. Hoping against all hope that one would be from the boy we liked the most. Well, my favorite Valentine came to my workplace with flowers in the cutest latte cup. It read: I love you with all my Heart. Oh my. I was a goner. So very pretty and we got to sneak some kisses in while the students were in class. :) Then if that was not enough, my youngest surprised me with a lovely pink rose and a balloon on my car that had the school constantly asking me, "Did you see your car?". The kids were so thrilled for me. I think everyone should have a balloon on their car, daily. So I have been spoiled and I love it. Now I have to scurry and finish up my surprises to my hubby. I want him to feel as loved as I do right now. Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! Always, Kit


Julie Marie said...

How fun Kit!... and I just know the kids at school all adore you too!... your cup full of flowers is soo pretty!... enjoy your day with your love... xoxo Julie Marie

oldgreymare said...

What a sweet man and your youngest is always so thoughtful. Glad your day was special.

Laurie said...

I am so glad that you have had a special Valentine's Day, Kit! Getting surprises at work is the best! I had a great day, too. Happy Valentine's Day!

Diane said...

I'm glad you had a happy day. I'm glad we have Valentine's Day, aren't you? Diane

Susan said...

Oh, Kit, that was so sweet to read. So happy you had a nice day.

Thanks so much for your visit and comment on my blog, too!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, too. Susan

FlowerLady said...

What a lovely Valentine's day you had Kit.


Jen said...

I am so glad you got your Valentine's Day surprises!! You deserve them! :)

susie said...

Sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day friend!!! Isn't it magical that a day like Valentine's Day can transport us to a time of innocence, to a time when we couldn't wait to pass out our cards at school & see what we got in return. I use to paste my cards in an old scrapbook long gone now...but the memory of it is sooooo sweet!

Jen Kershner said...

Your Vday sounds perfect Kit! Full of love, just as it should be.