Sunday, January 22, 2012

Word of the Year - Yield

Over at The Lettered Cottage they are having a Word of the Year party. I am coming into this a bit late (when I link up I will be number 450!) and it closes in 20 hours. I have never been one to make resolutions and trying to pick a word to exemplify what I would like to achieve has been daunting to say the least. But finally, while really looking at my life, I have decided I need to relinquish a little control. I need to:


I am a planner. I like to be able to make everyone's life run smoothly. I don't want them to have to worry. I have always been there to fix things. I am the one with many lists, I make the arrangements, and I am so capable that I wonder sometimes if I tend to pooh pooh an idea that I haven't thought of myself. Hmm. Do I? I have to admit I do. Hubby will ask if I want to go to the movies and if I am not in the mood, I say no. Basketball game, are you kidding me?? Eat at Denny's instead of the Cracker Barrel, what are you crazy?....LOL So, I am going to try and be a little more spontaneous and let others make some decisions. I am yielding my control and going to start trying some new things. As of this date, I have gone to see Mission Impossible and last night I took in a Griz Basketball game (still did not care for the sport, but the snacks and the jazz band were great!) So I am trying. Next up, letting my kids go about their lives without me always telling them to be careful. This one will be the hardest.
Always, Kit


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm just like you, I have a hard time 'yielding' to things too, and it's my goal to let go of things too--Good luck to both of us!! :-)

Diane said...

Oh, this is a great word Kit. Blessings on the new year and on your new word of the year. Diane

Jen said...

What a great idea! Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone! 2012 is going to be amazing! :)

Floss said...

Oh, it's a good word, Kim. I feel the same in many ways - I certainly belittle other people's good ideas that don't fit on the 'railway tracks' my mind seems to run on. I really have to watch myself - I was tired last week and did it a lot more than usual, I know that. My word is 'Open', with an intention rather similar to your own. My way is not the only way, and probably not even the best way. I want to be open to hear what God and other people are saying to me.

Cheryl said...

Good word Kit, I like it, it would be a hard word for me to live up to :}!!!!

Karen said...

I like your choice of word! It is something I should work on too. Old habits die hard though:) Thank you for the insight and inspiration. God bless x

Claire said...

Love your word!-I am your newest follower from Layla's party-Stop by for a visit!

Decor To Adore said...

A truly great word filled with much inspiration!

E. Charlotte said...

All I can say is....good luck! LOL. Just kidding. I think this is a good word, and one that will take a certain amount of devotion. :)