Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vintage Iron

One of my special gifts this year for the holiday was a vintage iron (Thanks E!). I just love displaying odd little pieces that invoke the past around my home and if they are accented in black, all the better! I can just imagine a young lady ironing her husband's shirts with this little number. It must have took her forever, look how small it is compared to the ones we use now. Instead of putting this in the laundry room, I like the way it looks with my vintage-style teddy bear, clock and books. I am joining Angie at a Knick of Time for Vintage Style! Always, Kit

(click for a larger photo)


Diane said...

Very cute little iron and a great Christmas present. Hope you're warm there. Diane

Pom Pom said...

Hi Kit!
Wow! Using that iron must have been a lot of hard work. I like my steamy modern iron even more now! Hey! Maybe I'll iron!

lizzy said...

I love your iron! Picture ironing one of those Donna Reed shirtwaist dresses with the ten-yards-of-fabric cotton skirts with that little iron, oh my!

I have a couple really old irons....Here at the beach we use them for doorstops, just pick 'em up with your toes and hold the doors open top the sun and breeze...lazy girk doorstops! (and my idea of how an iron should be used!lol.)

love lizzy gone to the beach

Susan said...

Cute little iron, Kit. But I love your Mary E. illustrations even better.

And don't you just LOVE Susan Branch's 2012 calendar? Mine just arrived in the mail from California....The postage cost almost as much as the calendar but to me, anything by Susan is WORTH IT. Take care and thanks for all the visits and comments to my posts. You are super! Susan

Laurie said...

What a treat to see your M.E. header ~ I love her! The vintage iron is perfect with your vintage teddy and other time-worn items; you have the right touch, Kit!

Anonymous said...

First of all, I love the header too. Love M.E. I think the iron is just wonderful. Love it with the teddy bear.