Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Day!

Over here in Western Montana, we were starting to think that there would be no real Winter. La Nina was playing tricks on us. The weather forecasters were frustrated and wrong most of the time....LOL But this time they got it right. From Tuesday night to now, it has snowed, and snowed and snowed. I estimate from 18" to 2' in my backyard. Our sidewalks have been blown three times and I am sure I will have to go out again by evening. Still no plows on the side streets, so school had a 2 hour delay start, but now has been called off altogether for today. Yay! Tho I wish I could have crawled back into bed, I am enjoying my freed up time. Coffee, carrot cake and Downton Abbey. Glad I did my grocery shopping yesterday and filled up on all that was needed in case we were snowed in. Beer, cake, french bread, grapes and Baby Ruth candy bars. I know what's important when it comes to a Snow Day! :)
Always, Kit

(Oh, by the way, those are not real geese!)


  1. Help! Your geese are drowning in snow!! Glad you have a snow day, free day. We don't have a lot of snow but it's COLD here.
    Good thing you stocked up - especially the Baby Ruths and beer. Diane

  2. Ha ha: "those are not real geese"
    Wow! That's a heck of a lot of snow, Kit. I'm kind of jealous!
    Glad you had a nice relaxing day!

  3. Oh wow that is SNOW! We don't get snow here where we live - but did last winter - nothing like you guys - but it was soo thrilling.

    Keep warm.

    Love Leanne

  4. Ha! Give me a beer and a hunk of bread and I'd be happy holed up too. Stay safe, warm and cozy. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  5. My friend just returned from her Montana home after being there a month with no snow! So glad you finally got some and have those important snow day essentials - I would have included some wine and cheese, myself! Ann

  6. A snow day would be fun. Your back yard sure looks beautiful!


  7. I've told you I'm totally jealous of your snow days and think you have found the right combination of snow day food to enjoy, just throw in a good comfort meal and let the fun begin!! ~Enjoy!!!~

  8. *tsk* *tsk* I am seriously jealous we have had such a mild winter :{ enjoy it looks stunning!

  9. Your pictures are beautiful! Stay inside, safe and warm!

  10. Yay!!! Send some our way - it has really been a dry winter so far!

    I giggled when I read your comment "You have a style very much like my favorite artist Marjolein Bastin"... that's because 5 of the tags I made were my attempt to paint like her while looking at one of her books! I love her style and soft colors. Everything else was painted while looking at magazine photos or photos from the internet. :)

    Have fun this weekend,

  11. Hi Kit,

    I HOWLED when I saw the heads of geese sticking up through the snow.


    All joys,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  12. Hee hee! For a moment I thought they were real!

    My h.s. mascot was the Canadian Goose or "Honker". :)