Sunday, January 29, 2012

Award Shows!

I LOVE them! Right now I am watching the Red Carpet of the SAG awards, and oohing and ahhing at the gowns and stars. I get so star struck and just like most of the world, when I hear that Angie and Brad have just arrived, my eyes go from my computer to the TV screen to see just how fabulous they are looking. I sure wish he would get his hair cut. Not liking the long look on him. So far my favorite dress and loveliest lady is Viola Davis. Wow! And I am always so impressed with George Clooney, such a stand up guy. Lots of class. I hope he wins. Well, I have to run, time to actually sit down and take in every moment. Where's my popcorn?! Always, Kit

(photos courtesy of Eonline)


Diane said...

Enjoy it Kit!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness I love them too. I agree about Brad's hair. I don't know her name but there was a short haired blonde who had played Marilyn Monroe - she was in a red dress - stunning! sandie

The Boston Lady said...

I love them too and I also wish Brad would cut his hair! Can't wait for the Oscars! Michelle Williams is the blonde, Chatty and my hopes are pinned on her winning for that performance! Thanks Kit. Ann

E. Charlotte said...

I love the red carpet too! I always wanted to walk it, all dressed up...with my Mom! :)