Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Pause in Advent - Music!

Music! Wonderful, lovely, heart-warming music. Christmas music. I start listening to it in November, I can't help myself. I tend to gravitate toward instrumental, it allows my mind to wander and dream. Celtic, harp, birdsong, New Age all wrapped up in old-fashioned Christmas hymns. But sometimes I enjoy hearing vocals like Karen Carpenter, Barbra Streisand, Singers Unlimited, or even Dean Martin (my husbands favorite). But one singer stands out for me. She lifted me out of the doldrums one night, with the most wonderful song and it now has claimed status as my all time favorite. The song is "Christmas Stays the Same", by Linda Eder. Here is a little story.

"It was Christmas and this was the first year that my oldest daughter had her own place. I was very lucky that she lived only a couple miles away, but for a Mom who had always had her girls under one roof for the holiday it was hard. We celebrated the Eve like always, such a fun time and then I drove her home. It was snowing, and we were listening to the radio and gabbing. She was to come over in the morning for the celebration, yes, her sister would miss her as they used to gather on her bed, yes, it would be strange to not be in the house, but she wanted to be in her new apartment with her new cat and I told her it would be fine. I was all smiles and kissed her good-night. But as I headed home through the snow, I started to cry. Things
had changed. Christmas had changed. I was feeling so sorry for myself. And then this wonderful singer started to sing to me, ".....tho the years may change, Christmas Stays the Same." And as each word made it's way through my sad little brain, I thought, she's right. It may morph into something a bit different in the future, but it is essentially the same holiday we have always loved. By the time I got home, I was okay and feeling much better. And it is true, our Christmases have changed, now both girls are on their own, many loved ones have passed on, but through it all Christmas is still Christmas!" Always, Kit

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C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Oh Kit, this is such a touching Christmas story... and I totally understand what you are saying... I miss my family so much who have passed on, and one of my nieces now lives in London... so far away... but you are right, Christmas is still Christmas... thanks so much for sharing your story... and I am happy you are all smiles again!... xoxo Julie Marie

Junell said...

Music can be so inspirational.

I have to admit that I do get a little choked up when thinking about loved ones who are no longer here. . .but I think of all the good memories and it warms my heart and makes me smile - even though I miss them. :)

Junell said...

And I love the picture collage of your girls. :)

Diane said...

Such a sweet song Kit and I love that! It's true - Christmas will always be Christmas and that means that I can be with loved ones once again and be a child. Thanks for the nice thought. Diane

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story. I love when a certain song has the power to make "everything" better. I don't know that song, but I do know Linda Eder. I have one of her CDs. I think she is great. You know, you are so right, things change, but it doesn't have to change the way we feel about them. My kids are all grown too and Christmas is different. What's important is that we do try to get together every year - then of course, the conversation inevitably goes to Christmases past. Ah, life is good.

Tins and Treasures said...

Good evening, Kit,
Thank you for sharing that precious story with us. I have been feeling down and out too...but need these reminders about what really is important!

Happy Monday ~Natalie

Rustique Gal said...

Kit, looking at your recent posts has put me into the holiday spirit! I'm going to make some hot chocolate and wrap gifts now!
Thank you for your sweet story. I know that change can be sad, but it is also exciting to see how things stay the same too! Our traditions stay alive through the changes of venue and coming and going of family members! Have yourself a lovely holiday!

Fat Dormouse said...

Being away from family and friends can be so hard, can't it? I like to take a quiet moment to myself during Christmas Day evening to look at the night sky and remember those who have gone before...a sad/happy moment.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy Christmas and a peaceful new year. God bless.

E. Charlotte said...

Oh you got me all teary! Yes, on paper our Christmases have changed a lot. But the reality of it, we still get together, share memories and love, enjoy the holiday and each other. The holiday is the same. :) And for that I am so glad!

Floss said...

Hi Kit - that's a good message. My poor husband is the one who feels that Christmas was always better in the past - it's a real challenge finding a way to celebrate Christmas that really speaks to him! I like the way your song reminds us that the essence doesn't change, even if life moves on.