Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oregon - The Coast!

Well, the first thing we do when we get to the condo is make it our own. I like to bring touches from home; a lamp, pictures of our girls, my husband's "captain's" hat, our books and special treats. We fling open the glass doors and check to see if our view is still there.....LOL Yep, to the South and to the North all was as it should be. Hubby starts to get right on the puzzle (I bought it for him for Christmas, and it is always sea themed) and I pull out one of my books (this year it was Treasure Island) and plopped myself down on the couch with a glass of wine. Me hearties, it was a good bit o' Grog! We weren't there more than a few hours when we noticed we had new "neighbors", meet Simon & Garfunkle, our resident crow and seagull. They hung around looking for a handout and we got the biggest kick out of them.

Our first beach trip was to the Marine Gardens and it was just so beautiful there. You can peruse the tide pools, look for sea glass and agates, or just sit and listen to the gulls and the waves. I wear my "yellow footed booby" shoes and my husband cannot possibly miss me then amongst the rocks and other beach combers.....LOL
Ahhh, it felt good to finally be here.

Always, Kit


  1. Oh my gosh, I can smell the sea from here, just through your post. I know you're having a wonderful time. Diane

  2. What a glorious vacation. Simon and Garfunkle are cute.

    Loved the pictures of you two relaxing.


  3. Sounds like a wonderful, magical trip. I still long for the West Coast. I have been in Virginia for 7 years now, but still hear the waves calling me. Enjoy!

  4. Hi Kit! What a great vacation! The beach there is so beautiful, and exotic to my east coast eyes. I hope you found fun treasures, love your yellow Crocs (mine are cringe worthy lime green!). Your little "pets" are so cute too.

    Now you have a lovely long Montana summer to enjoy!

    love lizzy from gone to the beach

  5. Hey, I just got back from the Oregon Coast, and I think I saw your shoes one day. ha ha
    I love your pictures of the coast and your new neighbors. I try to get to the coast every year, and now my daughter just moved to Salem Or. so there is no excuses.
    Nice getting to know you!!

  6. Love this last shot <3
    booby shoes..hehe

  7. This is one place I have not been and I so appreciate you taking me along! :)

  8. Kit,

    I have always wanted to see the coast (or any of) Oregon and hope to do so one day after we relocate to CA in a year or two. Ann

  9. Beautiful pictures! Everything looks so serene and relaxing. Visiting from WW.

    Jocelyn @