Saturday, May 21, 2011

I couldn't resist!....LOL

First off, I apologize ahead of time if you are of the mindset that the world will be ending soon. I don't mean to offend, but I saw this poster when I was out getting chicken for dinner and had to stop and get my hubby to snap a pic! You have to admire the humor in it. I for one, hope I have many more days on this wonderful earth and that the good Lord will call me home in about 30 years or so.

Always, Kit


Tins and Treasures said...

Everything must go!! Way too funny!!!

Happy Saturday ~Natalie

p.s. C Ya Tomorrow...

Angela said...

Surely, if the vendor REALLY believed the world is ending, he would GIVE his stuff away, as he won't need it tomorrow!!

I posted about this topic too

But did YOU get any bargains, or just a photograph??

Have a blessed weekend x

E. Charlotte said...

This just makes me giggle!! Love it! When do we know if we've been chosen...? :P

Jen said...

That actually made me laugh! Good one!!

oldgreymare said...

I heard on knpr today about a guy who started a business that would care for your left behind animals in case of the rapture. Nearly $150.00 for the first pet. He had close to 300 customers. When asked today if he expected to be overrun with animals tonight - he said no, with unsuccessful customers at getting their money back. I had to shake my head and sway hmmmmmm?

Diane said...

I love the sign. Great marketing! Great eye you have to catch it, too. Diane