Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Bittersweet Day.

Today is graduation day at my Alternative High School and I am sad :( but I am also happy :) These students have to work harder than most teens and when they finally achieve "graduate" status, the staff is proud and relieved, tired and very teary. These kids are like family. You are there for them thru the ups and the many downs, handing out hugs when needed and an extra cookie or two. I myself get used to seeing those faces each day and it is what makes my job, not a job at all. You watch these children morph into adults, become better people, easier in their own skin, and it makes me proud to be even a little part of the process. It will be sad to not see the kids I have come to know over the last 4 years after tonight, but I have a new batch of skeptical, angry and unusual students to love. And in 4 years, I will be crying yet again happy tears.

Always, Kit


Laurie said...

What a blessing it is that they have had you in their lives, Kit. It is true - they touch our lives as much as we do theirs - I know that from my teaching career. My last class I taught is graduating this weekend, all grown up and ready to take on the world!

Keep a pocketful of tissues on hand!

FlowerLady said...

(((Dear Kit))) You are a ray of sunshine, a gift of love and encouragement to all these kids that pass through this school.

Bless your heart for the love that you give to these who need it so much.


Jen said...

These kids are so VERY lucky to have you, I have no doubt you have touched their lives in a very meaningful way! Go ahead, cry those happy tears and celebrate! Hugs!

Diane said...

I can imagine your mixed feelings Kit. It must be very rewarding to feel that you've been such a part of their life. I bet they'll miss you. Diane

Cottage Tails said...

I bet you get sad. You are a wonderful person who is doing amazing things in these kids lives! I bet the remember you for many years.

Love Leanne

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday, Kit! Your sweet daughter shared with us on her blog today (Thursday) ~ have a wonderful time celebrating!

24 Corners said...

Wishing you very happy belated birthday wishes Kit...I'm sure you had a lovely day!
The seeds you have planted in these kids hearts, minds, and souls will bless them their entire life...what a gift to give to a young soul!
Have a lovely weekend...
xo J~

E. Charlotte said...

Great post!! I love that alternative program and all those wonderful kids. Graduation night is always such a treat. So much ambition on that stage! I'm always so proud. :)