Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Break!

Oh, how nice it is to sleep in and get some things done around here. This week is just sailing by and I feel so accomplished. I know a lot of my co-worker's opted for trips to somewhere warm and toasty but I prefer to do some Spring Cleaning. Call me strange....LOL (tho I did take a day trip with my hubby, but that is a story for another post) Anyway, things I have checked off my list include: cleaning and waxing my hard wood floors, scrubbing the cupboards in the kitchen and washing down the whole bathroom. Plus, I have been helping my daughter with a baby shower for a dear friend, and still getting in time for reading and computing. I feel great! Up next? Boxes to Goodwill and if the weather behaves (please, no more Snow!) outside to do some garden clean-up. Later gator! Always, Kit


Diane said...

You DID get a lot done. I'm glad you're enjoying your break. Sometimes it just feels wonderful to get things done. I'm with you, I'd rather stay home and feel good about that than run all over the country. Enjoy the rest of the time off. Diane

E. Charlotte said...

You are having one very productive Spring Break! I'm glad you've been able to get so much done (and have the energy to do it!) :)