Friday, April 8, 2011

Photo Challenge ~ Outdoors

On Wednesday, hubby and I ventured West and these picts were snapped (from my window @ 65 mph) as we came down off of snowy Look Out Pass, between Idaho and Montana. Going over we were deep into a blizzard and following three sanding trucks, but coming home intermittent sunshine and some rain. Gorgeous up there and still Winter. Head over to Razmataz for more Outdoor photos. Enjoy!

Always, Kit


E. Charlotte said...

A great series of photos! I can't believe how much snow our passes are still getting! Runoff will be crazy this year!

retha said...

Like your second photo. I feel shivers sitting here, and that not just because our temperatures have dropped.
With snow it must be more dangerous to travel on passes.

Razmataz said...

Oh my gosh what a beautiful vista. Stunning.

Diane said...

Beautiful shots - even at 65 mph. I meant to tell you I love the little mouse in your previous post. It's obviously Beatrix Potter and precious as all of her animals. Diane

mollygolver said...

Snow seems to be just a memory away. Love your mountain pictures!

The Boston Lady said...

Kit, how beautiful! I'm so impressed that you came away with such clear shots taken while driving. This is a skill I must master! Ann