Friday, April 15, 2011

Photo Challenge ~ My Dresser

Chania, gave us our assignment and I ran right over and grabbed my camera and snapped away. This is how my dresser looks everyday, except for a change in flowers occasionally. I keep the things that are near and dear to me on it and the dresser itself is special. It was my hubby's Grandmother's and from the moment I saw it, I fell in love. And when my late MIL said she would like me to have it, I was in seventh heaven. As you can see I like to tuck photos along the mirror (that one is of me and my youngest in California), two of the many Teddy Bears I collect, inside the green cupboard are my "treasures", special pieces of jewelry from people who have passed away and on the dresser tray in one of those lidded jars are tons of fortune cookie messages from all the times my oldest girl and I have eaten Chinese food. :) Run over to Razmataz and see all the other great dresser tops! Always, Kit


retha said...

Oh, I like your dresser it is so fro-fro (hope it is the word I have in mind -lady like)

Always a bonus to have old furniture with a personal story. Privilege you are.

The Boston Lady said...

What a beautiful dresser, Kit. Your MIL lives on in it's beauty and your appreciation of it. I love that you keep your fortunes! Ann

Diane said...

Very personal and sweet dresser top Kit. It's warm and cozy and very sentimental. Thanks for posting. Diane

Rustique Gal said...

Kit, Nice dresser! Filled with all your sweet stuff. I'd hate to tell you how mine looks!
I've gotta say, your photos are beautiful and they blow me away. Did I mention that I LOVE Montana?

Razmataz said...

Kit, it is fabulously personal and creative. I love to see people's stuff. Thank you for posting this.

Anonymous said...

What a fun 'assignment'! Such a pretty place for your favorite things. I do not have a dresser, but keep my most precious things in an old cardboard treasure box that my Grandmother gave me. Pics, cards my kids made for me, and keepsakes from childhood. Junk to anyone else, but treasures to me. :)

Wishing you a beautiful weekend, Kit!


E. Charlotte said...

Oh I love that you save all the fortunes from you and J's outings! Love your dresser and all of its pretty treasures. :)