Friday, March 11, 2011

Photo Challenge ~ Perfume

Our assignment this week? Perfume. Funny how my mind jumped right to the bottle I wanted to film. I just love the shape of this bottle. It was my late Mother-in-Law's perfume and she wore it often. Simple and from Avon, it is called Precious Doe, Field Flowers Cologne. I wanted to capture in the picture, that the deer is nestled in an early bed of Spring flowers, with still some snow on the ground. I like how the colors of the background are pulled from the color of the bottle and it's glint in it's eye, adds interest to the non-distinct head. Visit Chania over at Razmataz for more interesting items and great photos!

Always, Kit


Julie Marie said...

Hi Kit, how pretty that little doe is!... I also love your header and all of your St. Patricks Day cuties on your sidebar!... xoxo Julie Marie

E. Charlotte said...

I saw the thumbnail for this post and immediately let loose a few tears. I love that perfume! Bottle I remember it from Grandma's house and always adored it. What a great choice for the challenge! I like the floral background. Nicely photographed! And a nice memory too. :)

Suzi said...

That little bottle is too cute and the color contrast with the background is great!

Razmataz said...

Kit, that is such a gorgeous shot. I love the flowers behind. Not only is that a keepsake beacuse it was your granmothers, but those old Avon bottles are very collectable. It is very sweet. Avon did some crazy bottles. This is one of the prettiest ones.