Friday, March 4, 2011

Photo Challenge! ~ Jewelry

As stated in the prior blog, I love all that sparkles. So this one was easy. I went thru a stage a couple years back where I collected vintage earrings. I just love the style, design and fashion of them. I can just see a woman out on the town, wearing her best rhinestone pair, in her favorite cocktail dress and mink stole. Possibly waiting for her date to arrive at the hotel bar, as she sips her martini and checks her red lipstick in her compact. ;)

Visit Chania over at Razmataz for more lovely sparkles and stories!

Always, Kit


Jo said...

Hey Kit, these are lovely,great collection!

Razmataz said...

Oh my how gorgeous.....I would Like to see MORE of that collection. What exquisite detail on that blue pair....Stunning. and great photos that really show the details. Have yourelf a really good weekend.

E. Charlotte said...

Love those earrings! The close up photo is really well done. I love that collection of yours. They're all so pretty!

Diane said...

I think you got the picture perfectly. Kind of a glamourous time. Your vintage jewelry is beautiful, you have a wonderful collection. Diane

Diane said...

p. S. I love your green and your green header. Wonderful.

Zuzu said...

Very pretty, Kit! :)

You asked how Spring was coming... more snow today, but I'll be keeping watch for the bluebirds this month!

Wishing you a lovely Sunday,

Uncanny Festoon said...

Nice everything! Love the earrings and the photo...and I am a girl that loves sparkle! Keep up the great photo work!


vintagesusie & wings said...

Lovely SPARKLES my friend!!
I wish I had those beauties hanging from my lobes, I'd look FABULOUS! ;)
Big Hugs & stay warm,

Lynette Killam said...

Lovely sparkles you have, Kit, in more ways than one! I also adore your green header and the vintage St. Pat's sweet! A lovely post altogether...

Oh, and ME is my favourite illustrater, too. Weren't you just heartbroken when her magazine ceased production!?!

Have a wonderful week...:)

Imagination Lane

oldgreymare said...

Enjoying all the bling. I too have an earring fetish but oddly enough I tend to ear the same three pair over and over anyway..

Enjoy your weekend.