Thursday, March 17, 2011

I am part Irish!

What a surprise and for the first time in my life, I can honestly say, "Kiss me, I'm Irish!" My youngest opened up an account at Ancestry.Com a month ago and was a sweetie to let her very curious Mom, do some snooping around. What I found is that my Great Grandmother's Mom's Mom came over on the ship Cornet from Ireland. And her husband's family also came from Ireland. What a hoot! All this time I thought I was just German and Dutch. Seems like I have a lot of English in me too. I guess you can call me a real "melting pot"....LOL And on that note, Happy St. Patrick's Day to one and all!

Always, Kit


  1. Just came from a corned beef and cabbage supper at the home of my best friend, who was born in England to an Irish lass. So, enjoy your new-found Irish heritage.

  2. Well, how about that. How wonderful to have found out more of your ancestry.

    Have a wonderful spring Kit ~ FlowerLady

  3. Hi Kit, how fun to find out you are part Irish!... Jack is Irish, so we celebrate big too... one day, I would sooo love to visit Ireland!... wishing you a most beautiful Spring Montana day today... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Genealogy is soo fun!!!
    We had our Irish meal Friday night - a day late for NZ - but same time your time.

    Líonmhaire Bealtaine do blessings
    An seamróga sin ag fás,
    Is féidir leat Agus trioblóid a sheachaint
    Cibé áit a théann tú.
    - Údar anaithnid

    Hint google translate might help giggle!

  5. That was soooo cool! For others to know, it says: May your blessings numerous
    The shamrocks that grow,
    And you can avoid trouble
    Wherever you go.
    - Author Unknown

    Thanks for the riddle! Kit

  6. Me too! My twin brother also did some looking around at and found that one of our very own came to America from Ireland in the late 1600s. How bout that? :)
    Happy Spring, Kit!!!