Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo Challenge ~ Food!

Over at Razmataz we are back to our photo snapping and it feel so good! This weeks word is a favorite of mine ~ Food. Tho I wish it wasn't. Why couldn't my favorite word be ~ Exercise?.....LOL When I have had a long week, want to put my feet up and watch the snow fall, I grab one of my trusty old yellow mugs, fill it with hot tea with lemon and grab a cookie or two. Last week I made Snickerdoodles for the first time in ages. I forgot how much I like to bake. Think I will do some more this weekend. I am hankering for the taste of molasses!

Always, Kit


E. Charlotte said...

Nice picture! I looooove your snickerdoodles too! I miss them! :)

Razmataz said...

Kit, that is a great photo. I love the way you captured the light in the tea. Tea and cookies are making me crave them at the moment. I just put scones in the oven after seeing all the food posts. Have a great weekend.

Mallory said...

Looks like great food to curl up in a cozy chair with! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I'm a new follower!

oldgreymare said...

My favorite cookies as a kid, but my kids were not fans so I too have not made them in AGES!

Can I just have some of yours? :D


Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

Great photo. I love it when a photo makes you want a cup of tea and a cookie (well maybe I don't as I can't keep eating cookies at the rate I am).

Anonymous said...

YummmmO!...I do love me some snickerdoodles, but I have them with a wonder cuppa coffee, think I'll try the tea,soon, looks so good.

Anonymous said...

ps..I'm new follower!

Jen said...

I love your pic, and who doesn't love snickerdoodle?! Glad to hear things are on the up and up too ;) <3

Liz said...

Nice Shot!:)


GailinVirginia said...

Having always heard of these Snickerdoodles and now seeing your lovely enticing photo, I want to make some soon.

I must go back and read your older posts as you all seem to be accompolished photographers:)