Monday, February 21, 2011

Mosaic Madness! ~ Valentines!

To end this fabulous month of Love, I will show you how my family expresses their love. I swear we all love the secrets and the planning and the creating of tokens. First off, I made my hubby his favorite (and thank heavens easy) fudge with almonds. Tucked it into a neat can I found at a flea market and attached two of the clay tags I made this holiday (my signature sign-off to my children in texts and emails is LYS (Love You So) and for good measure gave him a gift certificate for a 60 minute massage. My man is a runner and he just loves a good massage. Next, my youngest creates the most beautiful cards for all of us. It is always a surprise to see what embellishments she has used and what she writes inside is sheer poetry and enough to make one think, one is the most special person in the world. We all need a dose of that once in while for sure. My sweetheart, knows I love hearts. And he knows I love angels too. Combine the two and you have a perfect gift. Hand carved from his own hands and ready to fly into a special place in my home. He is definitely a keeper. Lastly, my oldest girl usually "shoots from the hip" and you never know what she is going to do. She flew into the house armed with a lovely bouquet of daisy's (my fav flower) in one of her beer steins (she didn't have a vase) wrapped in ribbons and a bag of her Daddy's favorite candy in a cute little Valentine bag. Very charming and funny and so J! What I love about all of us, is no matter how we express it, we all just love each other so much. To see some of the surprises I gave to my girls, go over to Life Among Mountains and visit my daughter's lovely blog. And don't forget to see all the other Mosaics at the Little Red House.

Always, Kit


Genie said...

This is such a sweet mosaic. It shouts out...LOVE! The heart with the wings is my favorite of the series, though all the shots are great. Happy Mosaic Monday.

Wendy said...

What wonderful gifts! Hello from a couple states west!

Glacier Dreaming said...

What sweet unique gifts you all gave one another. Sounds like "gift-giving" is a strong "love language" in your family.