Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rednesday ~ And I am One Proud Momma!

@ "It's a Very Cherry World" it is Rednesday! For this week, I would like to share a little bit about my oldest daughter. Here in Montana, we are deep into snow season. With everyone taking advantage of all our ski resorts from Whitefish Mountain, to Snowbowl to Lost Trail. Sadly this brings about some accidents and that is where she comes in. She is an EMT and a member of the Lost Trail Ski Patrol. Recently one of our local papers did an article on what the patrol is doing to help detect avalanche victims, and they were there to take two wonderful pictures of my girl. Not only does she help with training but she patrols the ski runs on her snowboard, helping whomever needs it. I get a little nervous knowing she can be in some dicey situations, but she has a good head on her shoulders (with a helmet!) and I know she is well trained. So if you ever make it over to Lost Trail and find you are in need of a little help, just look for the bright RED vest with the white cross and you can breathe a little easier.

"Ski patroller "J", works through the deep snow at Lost Trail Powder Mountain while following the signal from a buried avalanche beacon. The device is used to help find buried avalanche victims. Lost Trail has teamed up with the West Central Montana Avalanche Center (WCMAC) to operate a beacon training area at the mountain."

Always, Kit


LV said...

That is a scary but worthwhile thing your daughter is doing. If I ever needed help, I certainly would be happy to see her.

Genie said...

Good golly, Miss Molly. That is DEEP snow. Last winter we had 24 inches and went tromping around it with our granddaughter. It was such fun. So far this year we have not had much. Loved the red vest.

FlowerLady said...

Dear Kit ~ Thank you for sharing this bit about your oldest daughter. Bless her heart as she goes about doing her work rescuing others.

Through all these years that we've known each other via the web, I have come to love you and your family and I am proud of both of your daughters and love hearing about them.


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Kit, what beautiful photos, and how very proud you must be of her!!!... she sounds like a wonderful daughter!... (must take after her mama!)... xoxo Julie Marie

oldgreymare said...

How admirable-What a job! but just looking at those pics make my toes curl with chill.


craftyles said...

We just had about 1 inch of snow here in Texas. I can't imagine having all that snow. Good job that your daughter is doing!

bunny said...

I would be proud of her too...yeck!...I am proud of her...good job mama!


The Boston Lady said...

Kit, What a girl you have there! You are a proud mom as you should be and it's good to know "J" is on the job keeping everyone safe. Bless her. Ann

D.B. said...

That is awesome! I know you are VERY proud of her. My eldest is in college in Salt Lake and is teaching 5 year olds to ski at Deer Valley. HE definitely needs an avalanche beacon! B-day gift I'm thinking. We really want to ski Montana some day. I would love to meet your brave and giving girl!

Razmataz said...

Wow, what a job! Such a brave girl. Thank goodness for these people who train so hard to resuce our loved ones when accidents happen. You must be so proud of her.

Sally Annie Magundy said...

I love this post! What an amazing daughter you have, a big congrats to mom and a big "you're awesome" for your daughter!
(My cousin was a trauma nurse and would go up in the helicopters with the rescue teams.)

Happy Rednesday,
P.S. I love your blog banner!

Ann said...

WOW!!! Super trooper,

How are is she?

You got plenty of brandy when she comes off duty? LOL

Cottage Tails said...


I nominated you for a blog award, to thank you for your great posts

Love Leanne

Hatsy said...

"J" reminds me of a little girl who spent a lot of time at our country home. She loved the outdoors. Brought me lots of bugs.

Diane said...

People like your daughter are very selfless and caring and you should be very proud of her. Diane