Saturday, January 22, 2011

Productive Day

Saturday. It finally came. It meant glorious sleeping in, it meant shopping and most important... it meant checking "items that had to be done" off my never ending list. Such bliss! Hubby was very instrumental in this task and he deserves a beer in a chilled mug, popcorn with raisins and chocolate chips and his slippers placed before the fireplace tonight. Don't ya just love to get something accomplished?

Headboard on bed fixed ~ check!
New lamp switch installed ~ check!
Put mirror up over hubby's dresser ~ check!

Plus lots of other little bits. It feels soooooo good. Now I can relax tomorrow, sit back, watch my beloved football (go Packers!) and embroider. Tonight? A movie and nice glass of wine. :)
Always, Kit


  1. Hi Kit... nothing better than the feeling of accomplishment!... how nice your hubby helps you so, and you reward him with his favorite snacks and slippers!... wishing you the rest of a beautiful weekend my dear friend!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. ahhh a handy fella - the best sort!

    Love Leanne

  3. I love Saturdays that unfold as the day goes along, and that is what our Saturday was like yesterday. My husband is like yours; very handy and a DIYer. I'm glad you and he had such a productive day - have a restful Sunday!