Thursday, December 2, 2010

I am linking up to a BIG PARTY!

Over a Shabby Vintage Junk she is celebrating her 100 post and is offering a wonderful give-away! Go check it out. Her site is wonderful and I have been following for awhile now and am never disappointed.

Photo courtesy of Shabby Vintage Junk

Always, Kit


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Kit... beautiful photo, I will go check it out!... xoxo Julie Marie

Tamarah said...

Hello over there Kit.... :o) !

HAPPY 100th to you my LOVELY far away Friend.... ** insert FIREWORKS here ** ....!!!

Whoda thought when we dipped our toes into the Land Of Blog we would become part of a unique 'sistahood'....And while I know there are FELLOWS out there too....I think 'sistahood' is a pretty accurate term for what we have goin' on here.... :o) !!

I do feel VERY LUCKY to be able to stop by Montana for a visit & a catch up & I'm sure a quick trip to me 'down under' makes for a pleasant 'interuption' as well....!!

THANK YOU for stopping by to help me celebrate....And a BIG THANK YOU for the shout out....!

Your entries are in the tub & I'm sending you BUCKETS of luck....!

Have an AWESOME weekend....!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)