Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So my hubby and I have a new hobby. It is called "tiddling". When he finished his project car ~ his beloved Cobra, we decided that any extra time we had available and if the weather was fine (it has no top!) we would travel the countryside and see the sites. So "tiddling" around has become our passion. It is amazing the reactions we get from fellow drivers and pedestrians. It seems, not only does this car make us happy, but it makes them happy too! I have never seen so many thumbs up, waves and folks stopping and visiting with us to ask questions. They all seem to come alive when we go by. Strange and fascinating.

Some of the places we have been are:
Bigfork ~ a lovely little town on the north end of Flathead Lake. Full of great restaurants and shops. And fresh cherries!

Corvallis ~ a trip down the Bitterroot Valley is soooo beautiful and the windy road is a must for man with a sports car!

Helena ~ our state's capital. Lots of Fall color, and get this, a cattle drive coming straight down MacDonald pass over 4 lanes of highway! We had to stop for two gorgeous cows who couldn't quite figure out the guard rail.

Next up will be Phillipsburg. Home of the Sapphire Gallery, the Sweet Palace and Georgetown Lake.


E. Charlotte said...

Oh I am so jealous! :D I love that car and I'm glad you two have had the time, and good weather, to go out and enjoy it! P.Burg should be fun! :)

The Boston Lady said...

Kit!I love the idea of "tiddling" and you have such beautiful country to "tiddle" through. I look forward to hear of your further adventures. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog today! Ann

Julie Marie said...

Hi Kit... how fun! Jack would love that too... I also love your Halloween header and cute pics on your sidebar!.. Have fun "tiddling"!...xoxo Julie Marie

Zuzu said...

Yippppppeeeeeee! I can visit you today, Kit! I can see your blog in IE8. Yay!

I've never heard the word 'tiddling' before, but the idea of getting out and about with your sweetie and enjoying your trips sounds wonderful! I hope Hubby & I can do a little tiddling next year - we have an old truck, but hey, we can still have some fun!

Sending you big hugs,

oldgreymare said...

Tiddling away. Sounds glorious. Happy for you both.