Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Photo Challenge ~ Food!

Now this week, Chania has a word I can really sink my teeth into (no pun intended.....LOL)! I am not really all that into food and eating for the most part, except when I am on vacation. And then I have to admit, I only want the best. The restaurant has to be upscale, lots of ambiance, great service, the best view, and the tastiest dishes. And I don't care what the cost is (tho my hubby has been known to roll his eyes a few times when perusing the menu). Show me real tablecloths, pressed butter pats and a cucumber in my water glass and I'll show you a happy traveler.
Yes, my name is Kit, and I am a restaurant snob. And today ~ a critic!

On our last trip to Oregon, I was pleased to find 4 wonderful places that did not disappoint.

First off in Hood River, is a lovely place, high up on a hill overlooking the Columbia River. The 3 Rivers Grill. Perfect after a very long drive from Montana. What you see is my second bread basket! Herb bread. Nice and warm. Very yummy.

Isn't this pretty? Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon with local vegetables. I mean anything wrapped in bacon has got to be good, right?!

Hubby ordered the Pan Seared Salmon and was in fish heaven. I could have sat there all night and sipped my ice tea and watched the river pass by. But there were miles to go and more restaurants to find.
Next up, a unpretentious place, simple from the outside, and charming on the inside. The Bay House. On Highway 101. This has got to be the best sandwich I have ever and I mean ever, eaten. Crab and Avocado. I don't think I said a word the whole time, just munched and smiled.

Just down the street from where we stay, the
Tidal Raves is small and cozy, with a huge bank of windows overlooking Depoe Bay. Their clam chowder is infused with herbs and the salad is to die for. Are those cranberries? And I just love a place that gives you your cream for your coffee in a ceramic pot. And it was real cream!

And I saved the best for last. The ICM Restaurant in Florence, Oregon. I had already eaten half my crab by the time I remembered to take a picture. Fresh crab! The most wonderful, friendly staff I have ever met and they also sang! In Spanish! With the boats motoring by and the breeze fluttering the flags, I had found a place I could return to forever. So there you have it, my tribute to Food and the wonderful restaurants of Oregon!


retha said...

Why is it the bread is always tasty at restaurants.

Julie Marie said...

Hi Kit, everything looks super yummy! We very seldom eat out as I love to cook, and luckily, Jack loves my home when we do, I am like you, I want a really spectacular meal... all of the places you showed looked great... we ate at a restaurant about 60 miles to the north of where we live on Wednesday... you would love it! It is called "Maddox Ranch House"... Jack always has the filet mignon and I have the fresh halibut... all of their rolls are made from scratch, with flour from a local mill that has been there and in the same family since the 1930's... cream there too is in a ceramic pitcher (just like my little collectible ones that were my great~ grandma's!)... desserts are homemade pies with the season's freshest fruits... wow, I am hungry now! Thanks for sharing those photos, you are a great food critic!... xoxo Julie Marie

Jacqueline said...

Crab and Avocado (Mother Nature's Mayonnaise)...I am so there!
Love that you want to go upscale when you are travelling Kit. My kids are in the industry and we all love it when someone appreciates!

The Boston Lady said...

I will take one of each please! Oregon is a state I have never visited (or Montana for that matter). Seeing the foodie delights means I must put it on my travel list when I'm on the West coast. Restaurant snob? I think not, when you are paying good money you expect the best and it looks like you got a lot of the best food in OR!

oldgreymare said...

I want to travel with you! I have some pals who do fast food while on trips. I could almost cry.


E. Charlotte said...

Love love love this! Great photographs and I loved your stories of those restaurants! I too enjoy a good, fancy meal on vacation! :D

mollygolver said...

It's a real treat to eat out somewhere nice. The food looks beautifully presented. I think I would have ordered the pan seared salmon too. And just to sit there and just watch the river go by. A little bit of heaven!

Olive Cooper said...

Kit, these look yummy and I am a food snob every day pretty much.

Ann said...

All those images of yummy foods and lovely setting made me hungry...

Looks so Delish...

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I haven't had breakfast yet. You are making me hungry. :)