Wednesday, September 1, 2010

School Lunch 101

Whew, so far my start-up week has been a bit challenging to say the least. Usually, I have a set routine I follow. Lots of planning, lots of lists, lots of preparing. But this year, I had to let some of my tasks be taken over by others and the end result was not pretty. Orders were late or incomplete, rooms were not clean, dishes did not arrive. A bit frazzling! But in the end, I got my cafeteria and kitchen organized and decorated and most of the "problems" have slowly been resolved. And thru it all, the kids have been wonderful! My first lunch was a bit late ~ no problem. The pizza looks a bit strange (square??) ~ no problem. The milk cartons are sticking together ~ no problem. They take it all in stride and try to help where they can. I just adore them. We go on a first name basis, even tho they carry ID cards and have bar codes for scanning. From the get go, I thought it was too impersonal and have taken to writing their names down and scanning at the end of lunch. So I am also trying to memorize 160 names, but it is so worth it. The look on their faces when they have been recognized is priceless. Well, that is all from Lunch Lady Land for now. I need some sleep. Tomorrow is Chicken Tenders day and I just realized, did they deliver my BBQ sauce???


Kimberlynn said...

I always loved the lunch ladies Kit...but you sound like the best one of them all. I think it's wonderful that you care enough to memorize all of their names. Here's to a wonderful school year!!!


Emily said...

I wish you were the lunch lady at my kids' school! They would love you.

Liz said...

I bet your going to have some fun stories to share! Those kids must love that you try to learn their names. We always had square pizza! What's wrong with that? :)