Thursday, September 30, 2010

Photo Challenge ~ Self Portrait

Over at Razmataz, it is Photo Challenge Day! Self-Portrait.

I have a photo that I keep in my wallet, to glance at on those days when I am feeling less than perky. When I am looking the whole of my 55 years. Or when someone (usually a teenager) asks, "What did you look like when you were young?"....LOL I whip out this photo, and they gasp, and then look straight into my face looking for the similarities. Yes, the shell has changed, but it is me! I have embraced every line and wrinkle and blotch, and no I wouldn't want to return to that time. Not even once. I lived this current face, and it has been a wonderful life. But sometimes we need a reminder of where we once were. In my will there are instructions. You know how at some funeral's they usually have a blow-up photo of the departed? Well, I want two. One of me at the time of my passing (and I hope I am a ripe old lady of 84) and this photo. Just so folks will stop and think. And what I am hoping they will think is: Wow, she was a hotty!....LOL


Connie said...

Oooh, Kit, sugar, why do you want to die sooooo young—84? I want to go kicking and screaming at 95 with my great great grandkids sitting there beside with with Love Bunny also saying, "Isn't she gorgeous?!" Of course, my first choice would be to be twinkled in the blinking of an eye and just pass from this world into my Heavenly spot. :-)

Loved, loved, loved this post, chick!


mollygolver said...

Kit - you're photo is lovely too. We are still the same people just have to go through different seasons!! I am more or less the same as my profile picture- teeth and all!!

Jacqueline said...

The way we ARE is always better Kit!

Razmataz said...

It's a gorgeous photo. I am happy thet you embrace your self at 55. So many people worry about they way they look. I am turnign 50 soon and people keep asking if I am dreading it. In hindsight I should have dreaded my teens, not my fifties. I am happy with my laugh lines and droopy eye. Thanks for your post, it makes me think.

E. Charlotte said...

Look at you, hot stuff! I love that photo! I used to always peak at it in your wallet. You look so much like my sister/your daughter. :D

oldgreymare said...

It's true. Judgments are made in a split second when we see someone but our "life picture" takes many years to be complete.

Enjoy the weekend!


Laurie said...

Once a Hottie, always a Hottie! Teehee! This was so fun to see and read - thanks, Kit!


Leanne said...

lol - go girl
Bet you will be a hotty at 84 too!

love Leanne

Jo said...

~will you still hug me,will you still kiss me,when I'm 83...I sing this to the hubby all the time....I sure hope and pray we all live to ripe old ages..great pic.

Julie Marie said...

Oh Kit, you are still a hottie! And I hope you have a long, long happy life... well after the age of 84! That is the new 64 these days... you have such a beautiful spirit and zest for life and I think you are just as pretty today as you were back then...I am 61 and would not want to be 21 again for anything... I don't worry about wrinkles or such, they are as much a part of who I am as my spirit... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

dolphinfin said...

You are beautiful!
xoxo Velvet

Elyse said...

sweet post ... and your current pic is awesome -- so full of fun!


Kit said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments! And Velvet, it is so good to see you after all this time. I hope you are doing well. Kit

Rustique Gal said...

Kit, you really were and still are a hottie! I found my old college ID with such a cute picture in it. I keep looking at it. I think I'm still me...Some days more than others, as I prepare for my first knee replacement surgery!
Enjoy yourself!

Floss said...

Great photo! I like your funeral photos idea. And 84 seems a good age to go - my mum and my husband's granny are in hospital now and one is too young and the other (to be honest) is too old. 84 sounds about right. Is that too gloomy an idea to post? Glad to know that 55 is treating you well. Now I've got over the first shock of wrinkles and sags, I'm feeling confident to face the rest of my life!

ML said...

Nice to meet an old friend again. I say hello to you every Christmas as I put my specail ornies on my tree!!

Kit said...

Mary Lou! So nice to see you! Thanks for visiting. Hugs, Kit

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Kit, it seems comments are not posting right today. I keep getting an error, so I will try again and if you receive two from me, please delete one.

I love your post and yes, you are still a hottie in looks and beautiful spirit.
I hope you live far beyond 84 with lots of vim and vigor to enjoy live to the fullest.
I have excepted my start of wrinkles as a reminder of how far I have come on my journey. When I think of my mother and grandma and how beautiful their wrinkles where, I am reminded how wonderful it is to be happy and healthy, wrinkles and all.

Have a wonderful Fall day and love to you and yours,
Celestina Marie

Kimberlynn said...

I'll say it Kit...you were a hotty!!! But like you, even though I don't look like I used to, I'm grateful for the life I've lived and wouldn't trade where I'm at for where I was!!! Great post, as always.