Thursday, September 2, 2010

Photo Challenge ~ Egg ~ With a Twist!

Over at Chania's blog (Razmataz) http://razmatazblog.blogspot.com/ the challenge for today was Egg. Well, I had a number of ideas, but they all just fell flat. This was a hard one. Back and forth, back and forth, my mind just could not grasp a picture. I was ready to give up. Until, I looked down right next to my computer and there was my model! My constant companion whenever I blog, a gift from an old friend and a message so very true, "Chicks are Cool"!


E. Charlotte said...

Ha ha! I like it! Totally works :D Chicks ARE cool. :)

Mary said...

Oh My Word! That is so clever and absolutely adorable!

Julie Marie said...

Too cute Kit! Is she a Barn Chick? xoxo Julie Marie

FlowerLady said...

That made me smile.

Have a great weekend Kit ~ FlowerLady

Razmataz said...

See, it's all in how you interpret it...thats why I like doing this, everyone has different ideas. Thanks for joinging us Kit.