Saturday, September 4, 2010

Football Lover? Nah, Fanatic!

Today was the first home game of my beloved Griz. The University of Montana Grizzlies. The Silver and Maroon. "My boys", as I like to call them. Gathered my seat cushions, my Griz car flag, my Griz hat, my decal of a football going thru my Griz car window, and dressed myself in white, black and maroon. Had on my bling, my special earrings, and I was ready to join the other 25,000 Fan-atics! The town just pulses with the excitement of it, and everyone (except maybe the other team) is just smiling and having a good time. This town loves it's football and so do I. The game was a bit of a blow-out (the other team was a level below ours) as generally the first one is, and we beat them 73 to 2. It was a game filled with hot sunshine, a thunderstorm that emptied the stadium for a time, funny mascots, and great seat-mates. We were all curious to see the new uniforms, how the new coach would perform and whether or not we would make it on the Kiss Cam. (we didn't, this time) We stay until the team comes over and sings the fight song to our section, and then it is a tired but happy walk back thru our beautiful campus. Next game is Homecoming and I have to remember to buy my face tattoos! Go Griz!


Julie Marie said...

Oh Kit, you truly live life to the fullest! Love all your posts, and I can't wait to see you in your face tattoos!... xoxo Julie Marie

E. Charlotte said...

I'm glad you had fun at your first game! I LOVE that Griz Nation video. Get's me all excited for Montana football!!!

Rebecca said...

Happy to hear you had so much fun!!!! Makes me think about OU!!!! Gooooo BIG RED! :)

My hubby is from Nebraska so you can imagine how living in Oklahoma can imagine how it can sometimes CAUSE PROBLEMOS! ;)


Liz said...

Wow! Look at all those folks! I grew up with football... My uncle was a pro coach and my brother played in college... You'ld think I'ld have some attachment... NO! We just aren't those people. :) But you make me remember all the fun parts! :)

You have a bright yellow gumball machine? I love it! You should show it! :)