Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An Incredibly Wonderful Day!

I am soooo blessed to live in (what I consider) the most beautiful place on the planet. Montana. So to spend the whole day, just tiddling about her countryside was such a pleasure. We loaded up the Cobra (husband's 2 year project - see story titled ~ A Dream is Reveled~) with the necessaries: water, camera, snacks and a good strong hat! And off we went. As you travel North out of Missoula, you are immediately thrust into acres and acres of pine. What a delicious scent on a hot summer day. And I sniffed my fill as we motored along. My biggest thrill is the moment when you top the hill and head down into St. Ignatius and you get the first glimpse of the incredible Mission Mountains. We were both so excited, that we squealed like the pig in that new Gecko commercial ~ Wee, Wee Wee, all the way down the hill! LOL The mountains are so huge (some still with last year's snow) and the valley so flat, it makes you feel sooooo small in comparison. Our next visual moment is when Flathead Lake comes into view, and it just makes you grin. That lovely expanse of blue water, dotted with boats and you just want to jump in! The drive along the East Side of the lake takes us back many years to when we lived in Kalispell. Lots of homes, hidden amongst the trees, large ones and little aging cottages. Many with cherry trees, as this region is known for their delicious fruit. A lot of the homes have little stands out front near the road and I made a mental note which one I wanted to stop at on the way back. Onward to Bigfork. A cute, touristy, artsy, friendly town. We found a new restaurant: The Pocketstone Cafe and we were not disappointed, the food was excellent and the staff so welcoming and helpful. We visited the art galleries, and shops and I oohed and ahhed over all the lushly growing flowers. But alas it was getting late and so we reversed our course and headed home (of course remembering to buy two huge bags of fresh cherries). A day well spent. I am a bit sunburned, I ate a few too many cherries, and I swear my jaw hurts from smiling all day....LOL But oh, being outside visiting with Mom Nature is the best, and can make one feel on top of
the world!


FlowerLady said...

Your day sounds absolutely heavenly, peaceful, fun.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Julie Marie said...

Hi Kit, that sounds like such a perfect day to me! I love the Montana countryside and miss seeing it as I have not been there in years... you describe it so wonderfully... love to stop at little fruit stands too! So glad you had such a nice time... xoxo Julie Marie

E. Charlotte said...

Oh that sounds like so much fun! I was so jealous when I heard you were gonna take that little sports car around the lake. How pretty that must have been! Glad you guys had fun!

Jane said...

Sounds like a truly wonderful day! We lived in Kalispell, where our older daughter was born, & then in Helena, where our other daughter & son were born. A few years ago we all went "back" to take my MIL's ashes to her spot along the Missouri River a few miles from Cascade. Showed the kids were they were born, etc. Had dinner with some Kalispell friends & it was like we'd just been together a few days before, not 25 years! Montana is definitely a special place and Montanans are wonderful people!
Jane - Jacksonville