Monday, June 14, 2010

Potting Up Day!

One of my favorite rites of Spring, is the day that I pot up all my flowers in my pots for display on my front porch and back patio. Earlier last week, my daughter and I went shopping at Pink Grizzly, a nursery established back in the 50's which is our favorite place to find all sorts of color. We had such fun, but now the work begins, but really, can it be called work when it is such a blast? :)

I use all terra cotta colored pots (but in plastic, they hold moisture better) and all I do is put a thin layer of newspaper in the bottom to keep the soil from leaking out (this also comes in handy when I compost all my pots come Fall, the newsprint just disappears over the Winter), I use a good potting soil and when I am all done, I sprinkle the pots with a time release fertilizer, that will last the whole Summer long.

This is my bounty! Zinnias, Million Bells, Impatiens, Begonias, Coleus, Marigolds, Geraniums, Pansies, Licorice Plant, and Lobelia.

I usually just squeeze the plants gently out of their containers, but sometimes I have to use an antique fork to coax them out into the world.

He is gorgeous and ready for the front step! But first he will be misted (along with all the others) to give them their first big drink to start them off right.

They look happy and pretty soon they will be filling their pots to the brim and causing lots of smiles to whomever graces my doorstep.

And as the sign says, you can find me in my garden. Probably getting the next batch ready to go, for their grand entrance into their first Summer. Happy Gardening! Kit


E. Charlotte said...

What a great blog post!! I love your pictures. I must say all your potted plants in the backyard looked great today. :) You do such a good job. I hope you enjoyed working in your new potting shed! :)

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Kit, your flowers and plants are just beautiful... I love that you use an antique fork to get them out with! They look lovely on your porch, and you are right, I don't consider that work either, it is pure pleasure! Happy potting! xoxo Julie Marie

Autumn Living said...

So pretty!!! Potting plants is one of my favorite things about spring.


Liz said...

Do you seriously have a potting shed!? I am sooooo jealous! :) LUCKY! :)

Love your pots! Thanks for the tips.