Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Perfect Saturday!

I am pooped! When I woke this morn and saw the glimmer of the sun's rays (long forgotten lately) peeking thru my blinds, I knew this day would be a full one. I grabbed the hubby, a hasty breakfast and we were off to ~ Yard Sale! The first time of the year. And I wasn't disappointed. I found lots of little treasures: an old watering can, a magazine basket, 3 old tins, a lovely picture of the Madonna, 4 ladies watches from the 50's (which I will use for only the watch faces) and a beautiful brooch that may or may not have a real ruby in it. We ran all over town and everyone we met had big giant smiles on their faces. Sunshine can do that to one. When we could no longer ignore the hunger in our bellies, we stopped at the best bagel maker in town. Broadway Bagels. They have one called the Everything that is to die for. Garlic, onion, poppy seed, you name it and it is soooo good. I wolfed mine down before I even made it home. The rest of the day was spent doing projects around the house and yard. I hauled out the mower and made quick work of the lawn. Next I did some painting on my new garden shed and then put my over-wintered Geraniums on the front steps for the Summer. The place is starting to look great. We are shaking off our winter blahs and cloaking ourselves in Green! And it feels so good. Tonight we will watch Crazy Heart and sip a couple of brews. I just hope with all this fresh air today, I make it thru the whole picture.....LOL


FlowerLady said...

Hurray for you Kit! I'm so glad you had a wonderful day with your hubby and got some nice bargains to boot. I love the picture of your place, so colorful and so you. I want to see pics of your new garden shed. Pretty please!

Have a lovely day today whatever you do.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Julie Marie said...

Hi Kit, sounds like a wonderful day! The sunshine really does make a BIG difference in things! I too went yard~saleing, but didn't find as many goodies as you did! I would love to see your old watering can. The ones on your header look so cute! Wishing you more sunshiny days! xoxo Julie Marie

E. Charlotte said...

You had one very busy day! I love your new blog layout and picture! :) I'm glad you had fun yesterday and got so much done. That sunshine was wonderful!

Zuzu said...

Wow, it sounds like the perfect day, Kit! I am loving it here too - getting out and enjoying every minute of it after such a long, cold Winter!

~Mary~ said...

What a great day you all had! the bagel sounded grand! you're making me hungry!

Laurie said...

Your yard looks gorgeous and welcoming! I know what you mean about the sun, as we have had a lot of cloudy and sometimes rainy days on this side of MT, too. The rain is always welcome, but oh, I need the sunshine! You did, indeed, have a perfect Saturday!

Liz said...

A Perfect Saturday! No doubt! I would have done nothing different. :) Your yard is darling and such a beautiful shade of green! We're getting to the time of year where YOU can brag and we Arizonans whine... :) It was 107 today. UGH!

Will you show us what you make with the watchfaces?

Autumn Living said...

Kit your blog is so colorful and cheerful...I love it!!! I just love weekends like this.


Anonymous said...


Sounds like a fun day playing in dirt! I could get lost in our local nursery for hours. If you would like some perennials from my gardens let me know. I already mailed some to a friend in FL!
I knew you were from NJ but never knew where. Thomas and I were ONE day from closing on a magnificent Victorian in Riverton before finding the Fairfield House. Happy belated Birthday! I wish you many more happy and healthy years. I celebrated mine last week!

Your Friend,