Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another School Year is Complete!

I can't believe it! I am still expecting to have to go into work tomorrow and whip up some delicious meals for my kidlets. But no, ~ it is Summer Vacation! That is one of the reasons that I just adore my job. I started working for the school district when my kids were in middle school, mainly so I could be home when they were home. I always said the best job I ever had was being a Mom and now I also get to be "Mom" to 160 high schoolers. It is a fantastic place to work and I hope I can do it, forever! Anyway, tearful good-byes were said yesterday and now I am "free" to do all the little things I can't fit in, the rest of the year. I earn my keep by painting and repairing, and taking care of all the yard work. (A perfect arrangement since I don't mind doing any of those things) I started my first day off with sleeping in, (heaven) a visit with my cat and then a leisurely breakfast while checking Facebook. Then out came the records! I just love musicals and I use the summer to re-listen to all my old vinyls. First up? Carnival! To those wonderful tunes one can do all the chores in a household with a big smile and in "record" time.....LOL Did some painting on a new door for our new garage and then off to see my youngest to start buying our flowers for our container gardens. We had a blast! So many plants, not enough room! Million Bells, Geraniums, Begonias, Marigolds and Zinnias. Lovely. Well, I am burning daylight as they say, so off I go. I think I can get at least one container filled before the sun sets. How about a mixture of impatiens, coleus, and begonias?


Julie Marie said...

Hello Kit... Happy Summer Vacation! Sounds like you have lots of things planned... your little yellow birdhouse is sooo cute! And I love your new profile picture, so pretty! xoxo Julie Marie

Autumn Living said...

Now look who's busy!!! I'm finally slowing down while you're just revving up. Enjoy every minute of your summer Kit. They always go by so fast.


FlowerLady said...

Enjoy your summer vacation Kit. I know you'll have a great time puttering inside and out and making some wonderful, colorful additions to both.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

E. Charlotte said...

Yay for Summer Vacation! Time to get out the kiddie pool and watermelon! :) I hope you have fun potting today in your cute little greenhouse. I had so much fun planting yesterday! Nothing like garden therapy to set a girl right! :) Love you!