Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Rest of the Birthday Story!

I was eagerly anticipating my party. What would the theme be? What treats would tempt me? Would I get crab legs for dinner? I was not to be disappointed. The theme was Mary Englebreit! Oh, the colors and patterns were fab. From the tablecloth to the paper lanterns, the lovely cake and the decorations on the windows (crafted from paper plates) I was in heaven. Plus, there were the largest silver balloons in the shape of my age, that I have ever seen. Those are bobbing behind me now and I bet they are around when I turn 56!....LOL Presents were presented and I loved them all. My youngest embroidered a picture of myself in my classic attire. Plaid shirt, shorts and my yellow clogs...LOL Oldest girl, knows my love for all things for my garden, and I got a green glass wind chime with a metal birds nest proudly sitting on top. And my love, gave me what I had asked for, an ice crusher. When I am dinking on the computer, there is nothing like eating a sno-cone! Off to dinner at the Outback for their steak and crab leg fest. It was delich. And I was treated to my fav drink, a Strawberry Daiquiri. Yummy! Home to cake and hot tea and a wonderful visit with my girls. The perfect way to end my birthday. I hope I get to live to the ripe old age of 82. That would mean I have 27 more wonderful extravaganzas to anticipate! :)


Julie Marie said...

Hello Kit, sounds like you had a wonderful birthday, and the food sounds delish! I love sno~cones too, and just bought myself an ice shaver at the grocery store and the little cups and syrup... wishing you a beautiful Memorial Day weekend! xoxo Julie Marie

Autumn Living said...

LOL...a party to suit you just perfectly!!! Isn't it the best feeling when the people around you really "get" who you are?!!! I'm so happy you had a great day and thanks for sharing it. I feel (in small part) like I was there too!!!


Anonymous said...

Very fun!!! Glad you had a wonderful Birthday, Kit!

E. Charlotte said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your party! It was so much fun to put together. :) We all wanted to give you such a special day! Love you!

Laurie said...

Part 2 was just as much fun to read as Part 1! Everything sounded wonderful, and I am so glad you enjoyed it all. Mary E. is such a fun party theme - I love the cake!