Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Mother's Day Poem

I have been so very lucky and have a two wonderful daughter's. My youngest is a talented writer and she makes me so proud. And for many of my Mother's Day celebrations, I receive a lovely poem. Here is one I would like to share. Kit

In Calm Recollection, My Mother
In calm recollection, since this day, last,
I am pleased by what I find,
When it comes to you, wonderful, granted,
But much more than just sweet and kind.
Yes, you, of a dreamer, the kindred of spirits,
A miracle worker, indeed.
Precise when you're weaving a heart with a love,
That I honestly know that I need.
Through a few simple words, I can escape a crazed world,
And revel in the sweetness of home.
An image, a symbol, of what there's to live for,
A category all your own.
For farther from you, my heart aches,
And I wish to run to your arms.
A promise of giving, and lighthearted glee,
Ward off all outer harms.
Safe in the glance of two beautiful eyes,
Comfort by the gentlest hands.
Spoken to by soothing words,
From a mind that understands.
With the purest of thought, and an honest stance,
A gracing smile, a spirit to dance.
In calm recollection I see it all,
These could not belong to another.
For no one else in time's long line.
Could ever compare to my Mother.
My daughter and I, 20 years ago.


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Kit, what a beautiful poem and lovely photo of you and your sweet daughter! Thank you for my birthday wishes! xoxo Julie Marie

Autumn Living said...

That is just beautiful Kit. Your daughter is very gifted. I am also a writer of poetry and do the same for my mother. As she has often said, it's the gifts of the heart that mean the most.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, and such a special Mother's Day gift!
Happy weekend to you & yours, Kit!

Liz said...

gulp! sniff! Did you cry when she gave this to you?
Oh my gosh! I would have... who am I kidding? I did cry... That is so sweet! There is no other blessing like the love of a wonderful daughter! :)


Anonymous said...


Your daughter is gifted. She has received a God given talent and wonderful mother.

I too love the photograph.

Thank you for sharing.