Saturday, May 15, 2010

Graduation Day

Our little town is in celebration mode today. I live in a university town and today all that hard work and long hours has paid off for over 3,000 graduates. It is a perfect Saturday, puffy white clouds, lots of sunshine, high 60's and the town is speckled with silver and maroon balloons. They held the ceremony outside on the Oval this year, which must have looked spectacular, and thank heavens we didn't get any rain. I have been able to attend two ceremonies and have never been prouder of my two girls. My oldest has a degree in Wildlife Biology and my youngest's degree is in Chemistry. I can remember both days so clearly and the feelings of joy and pride made me the happiest mom on this earth. They had worked so hard, both paying for their education themselves, both working jobs to buy their textbooks and both finding wonderful careers for their futures. When you see your child march in wearing a cap and gown and huge smile, amongst so many, and you know they have made another big step to growing up, the happy tears flow. So, cheers to this year's grads and to their families who have supported them and given them the love that was needed to succeed. Enjoy your special day, take your grad out for a fancy meal and above all, cry happy tears!
My oldest daughter, with her Ice Hockey jersey number on her cap!


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Kit, sounds like a perfect day in your little town today! How proud you must be of your children... wishing you the rest of a beautiful weekend! xoxo Julie Marie

Laurie said...

What a gorgeous day to celebrate graduation! I think it is so sweet of you to post this for all of those graduating. I remember our oldest daughter's college graduation several years ago - she has a teaching degree. Our youngest went 2 years, got married, had a daughter, and is back in school. She will finish next spring - another teacher. Our sons-in-law have both recently gotten or will soon get their masters degrees. I stand amazed at their determination!

Autumn Living said...

I can only imagine how true this is Kit...my girls are still at home in the nest, but even now I'm having to think and prepare for the day they will leave for college. It's so exciting thinking and dreaming of all the possibilities.

By the way...I love reading Charlottes blog...you have an amazing daughter!!!


Liz said...

Oh Kit! This is so true. I know exactly how you feel! Congrats to you and daughter! On to the next phase! :)