Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Dream is unveiled!

Today is a special day for my hubby. My guy (in the words of Oscar Hammerstein) is a wonderful guy. Hardworking, a good father and husband and he never asks for much. One of his dreams throughout his life was to build a car. Hot Rod? Classic Car? A Tuner? Nope, it has got to be a Cobra! That's the ticket. But, the reality of life settles in and one has bills to pay, a mortgage, a full time job, children to raise and how can you set aside the funds for an extra like that. You really can't. So the dream goes on hold for many many years. But there is something else about my guy; he is an incredible wood carver (in his spare time). He started carving on the carousel project in our town and from there went on to many projects. And one was a mini-carousel of strange Finkosel characters that he created with his friend. It was a lark, a fun project to just do. I always thought, who in the world would want something as strange as that? In enters a man who fell in love with it at the Detroit Car Show and bought it. Really? Wow! And for a pretty penny. All of a sudden the dream started to stir. He did the research, we crunched numbers, and on a day in July, the phone rang (while we were motoring down the coast of Oregon) and his Kit Car was on it's way from New England to Montana. Joining it would be the "donor" car from Arizona, a mustang which would be given a new life as a F.F.R. Cobra! So for almost 2 years and only working on it on Wed. nights, and Saturday afternoons, today it is finally finished. My guy is soooo excited and will bring it by the house today to take me out for it's first spin. I have not seen the completed car and I can't wait to see which is more beautiful, the car or the smile on my guy's face.


Leanne said...

I showed Brent this morning the car - he said very nice indeed!
As a bloke he asked questions of it being done up...

Love Leanne

Autumn Living said...

What a beauty!!! You're husband does sound like a great guy. I hope you enjoyed the ride together...with the wind whipping through your hair.


Anonymous said...


What a great story! It's nice to know that in today's economy, if one works hard and keeps their eye on the goal, dreams can come true! The car is beautiful. I wish your husband miles of smiles!


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a beautiful car and your hubby is lucky to have such a supposrtive wife.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.

Liz said...

HOLY COW! That is a major car! You know he is a happy man!! :)