Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patty's Day

What a fun holiday! Everywhere you look, everyone is in green. They sport funny shamrock glasses, ropes of green beads, green tights, green socks, why I even saw some green tutus! I love that folks really get into it. At this time of the year in Montana, the only green we are seeing even with Spring arriving on Saturday, are people on this particular so it is very welcomed. I sported my green plaid shirt, green apron and my green earrings. I handed out Irish Cream hard candies (I hear they taste just like the cocktail - only no alcohol) to the teachers and staff, and played Irish music on my work computer. It made it very festive! Earlier in the week, I snuck into my daughters house and left behind a little gift from the leprechauns. Every year I like to do up a gift bag of little items for them to celebrate with (this is my oldest daughter's favorite holiday). This year I found a slate plaque with an Irish Blessing, some really cool shamrock socks, a bag of afore mentioned Irish candies, a wee tiny Leprechaun bowler hat and a little bit of "gold" (actually some mad money) It was a lot of fun and the girls loved their treasures. Normally I would have made up a Corned Beef dinner, but time ran out with a quick trip to the vet with my youngest girls sick cat, so that will have to wait till this weekend. That's okay, I still have some green to don, and some extra candy and I don't think the neighbors will mind if I leave my giant lit shamrock up in my front window a little longer. So, I am about to have a beer, watch a little of the "Quiet Man" and relax while I listen to the strains of Wild Colonial Boy. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Rhonda said...

Happy St Patrick's Day Kit! I love The Quiet Man. It's my favorite John Wayne movie. It is definitely a movie best watched today.
Enjoy your evening.