Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Break is just Around the Corner

I am excited! After work tomorrow I will begin my Spring Break. Ahh, visions of sunbathers romping on the beaches of Florida come to mind. Sipping brewskis and trashing motel rooms. Ending up in a video doing God knows what, splashed all over YouTube for eternity! Hmmm, I don't think My idea of a great Spring Break, is having a list a mile long, my husband ready and able to assist and the pleasure of working around my home. Getting a full week to just get things done, is enough to make me feel like I have won the lottery! And I can't wait to start. But of course, first the most important thing has to happen - sleeping in! Oh the feeling of not having to wake to the buzzer, the music, the cat! To slowly rise and stretch and know I do not have to be anywhere at that particular moment. Bliss. A leisurely breakfast and then I don the work clothes. On the docket this year is: yard work and clean-up, awning and front step maintenance, frame some pictures, sew up my new sink skirt, hang a new shelf for collectibles, decorate for Easter, watch all the Oscar nominated movies, finish the taxes, and take a day trip. Off to Coeur D' Alene, ID for their exceptionable Red Lobster restaurant (best service in town!) and their antique stores (especially my fav. ~ Wiggetts) I always manage to find something that I just can't live without. Such a beautiful drive and it erases the cabin fever one gets in a mountain state. Hubby and I talk the whole way and it feels good to give each other our undivided attention for 3 hours. There you have it, the master plan. Now let's get this party rolling!


Parsley said...

Sorry for the eariler type-o

I'd love to exchange postcards with you.
ruparanoid2 (at) yahoo (dot) com

E. Charlotte said...

I like your pictures! I'm happy that you get to have a Spring Break. I will just be happy to have the campus quiet for a week! :) I hope all of your projects go smoothly! I love having time to get house work done too. It's very calming when you can get all your ducks in a row. Enjoy!

Laurie said...

I remember those days, when I was teaching, when I had a break or summer came around. Now that I am no longer working, I so much enjoy being available to babysit grandkids or travel to see family (not often enough!). I hope you have a wonderful spring break and that you are able to do all you mentioned and whatever else comes your way! Thank you for stopping by to visit today!

Zuzu said...

FabUlous!!! I'm retired now, and after several months of wondering what to do with myself, I'm having a blast. My list is as long as yours (hmmmm, I think I like your list better), but I take my time at getting around to it. :)
Have a wonderful time!