Saturday, March 6, 2010

Road Trip!

Just back from a visit down the Bitterroot Valley and the town of Hamilton. I picked the perfect day for it, to be sure. Temps hovering around 62 degrees, full sunshine, snow on the mountain peaks and not too many crazy This valley is known for it's slogan - Pray for me I drive 93! This is the valley I arrived to, way back in 1970, a young girl from New Jersey and it still takes my breath away and makes me grin. It is just simply ~ beautiful. Of course it is more grown up, and filled in, but you can still motor down the highway and see the early spring calves, yards full of chickens, hawks circling the fresh plowed fields, and folks riding their horses along the road. Always with a wave and smile. I always feel like I have stepped back in time; a simpler time.

I went down to visit my Mother, to do some chatting, brunching and shopping. My favorite trio! I take her to the Signal Bar and Restaurant and it is lovely. When we came in the door, the hostess said, "Come on in, what can we feed you today!" Now that is a great greeting. If you are ever in the area, this is the restaurant I would recommend. Very classy and posh, and with awesome French toast and coffee! The town of Hamilton also has it's share of great second hand and thrift stores. We hit three of them and I wasn't disappointed. Came away with a silver based clear glass candy dish and two yards of fabric for my laundry room sink. Mom found a bread box she had been looking for too. And all so cheaply. Now that is what I call a fun time. I took the back way home down the East Side Hwy, and it was slower, prettier, and if you squinted your eyes just a bit (something I don't recommend when driving usually) you could almost imagine it was the late 1800's and you were a farmer on one of these huge parcels of land, heading toward that little white house in the meadow, and dinner was on the table and a fire was in the grate and all was well with the world. :)


E. Charlotte said...

You are spot-on with it feeling like 1800s down the Eastside. I go past the Bitterroot Stock Farm sign, that says "Since 1886" and that's what it feels like! I wish I had some of that land for sure. I have gotten so used to that highway and 93. I like that you used to drive it back in the day. :)

Anonymous said...

This is my first time to your lovely blog and I will be returning -- lots to see and read here! I am in NJ - have lived in all three sections - Ocean County, Northern Bergen County and now the garden of the Garden State, Cumberland. You may find it hard to believe but there is wide open space here and I feel like you describe when I am driving along my road. (Yes I know MT offers so much MORE space and mountains and lower taxes! The big square states out west are very seductive.) For now I will live vicariously through your blog.
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