Sunday, March 28, 2010

Being a Mom

Sometimes it is downright challenging and a little scary, to be a Mom. You hope you get it right occasionally, and when you can assist twice in one weekend and make it thru in shining colors, it feels great! My youngest called and needed some help with a project she is building at her house. With the promise of a cup of coffee, I headed over. She had the electric saw, the wood, but didn't really want to risk running it when alone. Good move. Now I usually leave all use of power tools to my hubby, I am a day-dreamer and I just know I would end up cutting something off. Good move. But seeing the expectant look on my daughter's face, I gathered all my courage and testosterone and said - we'll give it a shot. I was nervous and a bit shaky. But I put my hands where they should be, watched out for the electric cord and I fired up the saw. Noisy bugger. I sliced thru that first board in record time, looked down and I was still whole. We did it! We cut all the 2x4's and I came out unscathed. High fives all around and we felt great. And seeing the smile on my daughter's face was well worth the new gray
Today, she texted me and needed some advice (not regarding tools!) and I gave her a jingle. I told her what I thought and what she should do, and I think she gained something from the exchange, cause as we finished chatting and she got herself ready for a trip to Spokane, she told me "Thanks so much for calling, I feel better already." I could almost hear her smile and that did my heart good. So three cheers to all those Mom's out there, for when we DO get it right! :)


Anonymous said...

Here, here! Isn't it great to be appreciated and acknowledged -- asked YOUR opinion -- ie; Mom really does know what she's talking about.


Laurie said...

This post made me smile, Kit! I am the mother of 2 grown daughters, and they still call and ask for advice, and I do my best. But I must say, you are so brave to use the saw! The bravest I have been as a mom is to kill spiders and other unwelcome pests when my husband isn't here.

Thank you for visitng my blog this morning, and in answer to your question, no, I didn't make the pillow cover; my sewing days are minimal due to a physical condition that I have. I got it from Amy on Etsy: I just took a peak and she has some beautiful items for sale that are tempting me, but my budget says no for now. She just sells the covers, but they are worth the price because she does a beautiful job piecing the old tablecloths into pillows, tea towels and banners. Enjoy a peak!

Have a wonderful day!

E. Charlotte said...

You get it right more often than not, Mom! And your advice is priceless! You have enough years over me to be able to help me in any situation. I felt a lot better after our phone call (and wood adventure) and was able to enjoy my trip much more! Thank you for being my rock! You are my dose of sanity when everything looks like chaos! :) Love you so!

Autumn Living said...

You're right Kit...being a mom is downright challenging and scary. I'm still raising my daughters and I feel so in the dark sometimes with what the right thing is to say or do. I am learning (mostly by my mistakes) to quiet myself and listen to God's leading. Thank you for sharing this story...I am always amused by your sense of humor.


Kit said...

Thank you all for your comments. Especially from my girl (sniffle, sniffle,). Even with all that the job entails, I will always say, Being a Mom is the best career I ever had! Kit

Zuzu said...

Yay for you!!!
My three don't call for help - they are the strong, silent type, so it gets kinda quiet around here. I'm glad your daughter calls, asks for help, and you get to celebrate together! Girl Power!!!
Hoping you have a wonderful Easter, Kit!