Thursday, March 11, 2010

Annual Physicals

Argh! I know they are the smart thing to do, something we shouldn't put off, and it is a great way to ease one's mind. But yikes, what an ordeal! Wouldn't it be great if it could be like in Star Trek, and "Bones" could just run a scanner the length of our bodies and ta da - instant results. And we wouldn't even have to remove our clothes. Sometimes I think I wouldn't mind so much, if I was, say, Heidi Klum, or Jennifer Aniston. I bet they don't even feel the need to wear the paper outfit. There is not a wrinkle or hair out of place. Me? I need TWO paper outfits, a blanket and I want to keep my socks on....LOL And of course we are all nervous, so our blood pressure goes way up, you regret you didn't use the restroom when they offered you the chance and now even tho you schedule these visits in the cold winter, you start to "glow" like mad! The doctor enters and always asks, "How are you?" And if I were honest, I would say, "Very uncomfortable, self-conscious, and I really hope my lunch isn't going to cause me any gastric upset!" I will be very happy today, after 5 o'clock. By then I should be back in my clothes, wandering around the parking garage looking for my car, and desperately needing a strong cup of coffee or better yet, a stiff drink. I can then cross off one more thing on my to-do list and relax, at least for another week or two. Coming up, the Mammogram. Argh!


Rhonda said...

Kit, your love of annual physicals rivals mine. Yes, it would be wonderful if a full body scan could be done without removing any clothes. I really hate those paper gowns! When I lived in Montana, I used to keep my socks on too. At my physicals, I'm usually told my blood pressure is a little high, to which I reply, " But it was only 120/70 at CVS yesterday". I, too dread mammograms. There is just something about having your breasts flattened to the thickness of dinner plates that makes a mammogram hard to look forward to. I think I would also choose the stiff drink after all is finished.
Thank you for post today. It made me smile. I had my physicals last month. I hope you hear good results from all your exams. I really enjoy your blog.


Kit said...

Thank you Rhonda. It is all done and everything looked good. I did have that stiff drink, a Velvet and 7 and it was lovely. My thoughts exactly on the mammogram. Also, I think they should send the technicians to clown camp to help keep the mood lite and fun. They are always so glum and cold, as is there hands!....LOL Have a great weekend! Kit

Autumn Living said...

Kit, you've made me laugh so hard I just about fell off my chair...the reason...I too need two paper gowns and insist on wearing my socks!!! You are NOT alone in your misery.

Thank you for your kind words about my blog. I just had to come visit. I'm so glad I did. I'm really enjoying your gift of words and story telling. I am now a happy follower!!!


Zuzu said...

I hear ya, Kit. Hope you treated yourself to a little something nice afterwards. :)
Happy weekend to you!

Liz said...

UGH! not so much on the annual physicals. HATE'um! When I turned 40 I went to Mayo and had everything poked, prodded and photographed. That way if anything changes we'll know. But no I don't go willingly. yuck!

On the blue and white checks. I don't really collect the checks per-say. I just happen to come across this little cream and sugar set and thought they were to cute to pass up. I don't see the pattern very often and I have never seen the red or the green. You should share your collection! I would love to see it. I do, however, collect the Blue Danube dishes. They were my grandmother's and I so love them! :)


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Kit, so happy you visited me today, and now I have found you and your blog! I love this post... you tell it exactly the way it is! Why DO they always ask how are you when they know darn well we are totally uptight and uncomfortable! I love that about needing a strong cup of coffee or a good stiff drink!!! As far as Jennifer Aniston and the other one, can't remember now, I would not want to be them for all the money in the world... phony baloney! I love being just who I am... Moi! And yes, I always wear the little paper designer gowns and usually have a big hot flash and get it all wet! I also loved your haircolor post! It is sooo hard trying to get that off of a wall, or a floor, or well, anywhere! xoxo Julie Marie