Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thinking. Reminiscing. Smiling.

I visited a favorite blog of mine yesterday and a question was posed, "Do you have a dream you're working on? I must say I sat here and pondered and wondered and I came to the conclusion, the dream I have been working on, I have been working on since I was a young woman of 18. I saw at that age, that maybe, life could be lovely, and interesting and full of simple pleasures. That our elders could actually teach us a thing or two. And that all the sordid business of growing up; divorce, hurtfulness, separation, could be pushed aside and overwritten by a new dream, a new life. A life I envisioned to be full; with the love of a good man, children and a lovelier place to live. That is what I wanted. And for 36 years I have been living and working on my dream.

It started with a change of venue. From South Jersey to Montana. Now there's a change! I had found my lovelier place (I would have to leave this place for awhile, but I strived to make it back and we did, 21 years ago). I met my soul mate and the love of my life for the past 32 years and we have had the most incredible time, just living and experiencing whatever life threw at us. Of course, it hasn't all been a bed of roses, but whoever said achieving what you want would be easy. It took a lot of hard work, long hours and some pretty good fights, but now, I think he knows me better than anyone else in this world. And I him. And yes, I would take a bullet for him. Then my babies came to me. Two incredibly beautiful, smart and kind little ladies. They have made me prouder than a Mom could be. They are my best friends. And more importantly, they are each others best friends. I am so blessed to have them living here in the town where I live. But they are out on their own, making their own lives, and forming their own dreams.

So, I would have to say, I had a dream and it is now complete. I couldn't want for more. I have my lovely home and gardens, my wonderful family around me, and lots of tasks to keep me interested and busy. I have often thought that if I were to die tomorrow, that I would leave very happy in the knowledge that I have had a very full life and I was able to change my future. Life can be lovely and fascinating and full of interesting people. But most of all, it can be filled with love.


FlowerLady said...

Kit ~ What a wonderful post. I have my dream, or I should say answer to prayer as a little girl, and that was to be married, and to love and be loved.

I think you have created a lovely and loving atmosphere for your family. You are a loving wife, mother, friend, not just to your daughters and husband, but to others as well.

I love the collage of your home and gardens. Your creativity with color and forms has always inspired me.

Enjoy your haven.


E. Charlotte said...

That was quite the dream you had at 18. And, unfortunately, it's not a dream most kids that age are brave enough to dream. You have turned your life into something so magnificent. You have given me everything I have; my independence, strength, honesty, my ability to love and be loved, and also some tableclothes, Christmas decor, and tacos. :D He he he. I am ever-thankful you broke your mold and followed your heart to become the beautiful, amazing, woman you are, with a lovely home and family. I am honored to call you a best friend. :) I have learned (and continue to learn) so much from you. Love you so!

Kit said...

Flowerlady, what a great dream you have too! And I know you have found it in your little corner of paradise in Florida. :)

Kit said...

Oh my dear, thank you so much for your words. You sure know how to get my tears flowing. You and your sister were the best job I ever had. There was no way you two were going to grow up like I did, and from what I see, my "lesson plan" worked....LOL May we have many many more years to learn from each other. Love you so.