Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Olympics!

I am watching Lindsey Vonn make her downhill run for the first time on a hurt shin. What an incredible athlete. She is in first place right now, and I hope it holds up. (it did! She won Gold!) Alright Lindsey! I have been having such a great time with all these sports. So far, my favorite's have been: the Chinese pair's figure skating couple, the young Canadian man who won the first Gold medal for Canada in Aerial Moguls, and Apolo Ohno and his quest for the most medals won by an American in a Winter Olympics. I can't seem to get enough. I want to know everything that is going on and see as many sports as I possibly can. I watch all night long, check for updates on the computer and catch the news in the paper. I am obsessed!.....lol But it is a short lived addiction, a two week binge. So I think I can handle it. I am just in awe of how these young men and women can work so hard and achieve so much. How driven they are, and disciplined. I can barely make it on the treadmill two times in a row! They make me so proud, whether they are from the USA or France or Russia. Anyone who can work that hard, deserves to have me cheer them on and watch their accomplishment. So I will continue to tune in, admire Costa's suits and Chris's pocket hankies, try and understand Dick Button's ramblings, and learn all I can about the sport of Men's Halfpipe. I will turn on my Olympic Rings in my front window (made for me by my hubby), hum the Olympic theme on cue, and organize my life according to when the figure skating is on. It doesn't get any better than this!


E. Charlotte said...

Ha ha! I love these Olympics too, but I think you are their biggest fan! I've seen some great events so far. I like watching the good sportsmen, the ones that are sooo excited to win, the ones that cry, the ones that congratulate their opponents for their respective finishes. I don't care if they're USA or not! I love these two weeks!

Kit said...

Same here, what will I do when it is all over???? Gene and I had a great discussion about the sport of curling today. I like how at work it opens up the lines of communication between students and staff. My display case is looking good too!