Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just Chillin'

I am calling this evening a "throw-away". I usually try and get some items checked off my list, achieve a couple things around the house, or get myself situated for tomorrow. But ya know what I did instead? Sat here and watched the 1st Hollywood round of American Idol. All the while playing games on Facebook AND texting my daughters. What am I a grown woman, or a middle schooler? I expected my Mother to come in and tell me to get off the phone and do my homework! :)

I would like to think I am just resting up for the weekend. It is a big one. Friday, I will be giddy with anticipation for the beginning of the Olympics. I am an Olympic Junkie! I watch everything. I love the fact, that at 2 o'clock in the afternoon during the week, you turn on the TV and ta da, you get to see Curling, or Skiing, or my fav, Speed Skating. I love the sounds of cow bells, the thrill of seeing the USA enter the arena in their latest sporty togs from Armani or Ralph Lauren, and of course the images of so many incredible athletes. This Friday, my girls will join us for the opening ceremony and yes, we watch the whole thing. This year, we have the big TV and this year it is in High Def. Cool. Not sure what the menu will be. But I know I won't have to cook. ;)

Then of course, Sunday is the day of Love. The hubby and I are just exchanging tokens. I am making fudge for him and putting it in tin I used to give him when we were first married. And I have been hinting that at this time of year, to smell some flowers would be great. We'll see. I made dinner reservations at one of our favorites restaurants and they are having a seafood buffet. Oh my, it won't be pretty. Me and a plate of crab legs. He better stand back! I wait for this all year. They can keep everything else on the menu. Forget the wine, forget the dessert, just give me lots of legs and butter!

Well, in closing. You had to love the parting scenes at the Super Bowl, of Drew Brees and his little boy. Oh my, Drew's eyes were tearing, his little boys were filled with wonder and I just wanted to hug them both. Forget the commercials, that was the best moment of the game. (tho I did love the Betty White one the most! Way to go Snickers!)

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